Last Chance At Forever

NON FAMOUS: Rhiannon. Torn between two guys. Her boyfriend of almost 5 years, Harry, & his best mate Zayn. Forced to choose. Who will she pick her childhood best friend, or her man on the side? Will Harry find out about Rhiannon's secrets?


4. Guilty Pleasure

After I got off the phone with Zayn I walked back into the room to find Harry pacing back and forth. I could see the pain in his eyes. I didn't know me talking to a friend would hurt him so much. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He just looked at me and pulled my arms off of him.

"Rhiannon, you should go," He said in a stern voice.

"What why Har-" I tried to say.

"I just don't have time to deal with you and Zayn right now," He said. "Just go home."

I grabbed my purse off of the couch and walked out the door. Harry didn't try to stop me. I could hear the hurt in his voice, I know deep down he didn't want me to go. Had he heard what me and Zayn were talking about?

*Five Minutes Before*

"Hello," I said into the phone.

"Rhiannon, I miss you," Zayn said softly. "When can I see you again?"

"Tomorrow?" I asked. "I can tell Harry I'm going to see Emeli."

"That sounds good love."

"Well I'm with Harry now. I have to go before he suspects something."

"Goodbye love."

*At Rhiannon's Flat*

I walked into my flat and immediately went into my room to change. This dress was very uncomfortable. I slipped on my favorite pajama pants and a white tank top. I pulled my hair on top of my head and tied it with a pink bow. There was a knock at my door.

Is it Harry? Who is there? 

I walked over to the door. Nobody was there. "Hello," I said. No response. Then Zayn popped out from beside my door and wrapped his arms around me.

"Miss me?" He said seductively walking into my house.

He walked over and sat down on my couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table that was in front of him. He had been smoking. I could smell it on him. He knew how much I hated it, but he still did it. I walked into the kitchen and brought two beers over to the table and sat them down. I sat down on the couch beside Zayn as he wrapped his arm around me.

"Zayn this doesn't feel right," I said. "Me and Harry are still together."

"I know love. You can deny it but I know you have feelings for me." He whispered into my ear.

He was right. I got butterflies whenever he was around. Whenever he touched me. Even when someone just says his name. I love Harry with all my heart but there is something special with Zayn. I had felt it since that night four months ago. I turned my head and just looked at him. He leaned into me and pressed his lips against mine. I tried to fight the urge and not kiss back, but I couldn't. He made me so weak, I couldn't control myself. He pulled back and looked at me.

"I knew you liked me. You kissed me back," He said.

"No I didn't," I said, trying to keep my pride.

"Whatever Rhiannon. I know you did." He said laughing. 

I couldn't say anything. I just smiled. It felt so right being with him. He was fun, and sweet, and romantic and Harry was just... Harry. Harry and I never had fun on our dates, we just sat in silence. It was sort of awkward being with him. I never felt like that with Zayn. Everything felt perfect.

"So tomorrow. I'm going to take you somewhere I went as a kid," Zayn said while kissing my cheek. "Don't worry. It will be on the DL."

"Sounds good. Its getting kind of late. Are you staying here?" I asked.

"If you let me." He said smiling and twirling his fingers in my hair.

"You can sleep on the couch," I said standing up. "I'll get you a pillow and a blanke-"

"Can I please just sleep with you? I'll give you your space. I know you would feel even more guilty than you would when you see Harry again." He said.

"Fine. You get the right side, and you don't touch me. Got it?" I said smiling.

"I'll try," He said walking over to me and kissing my forehead.

Zayn is a lot taller than me. I've always been little. It was kind of awkward.. our height difference. Zayn and I walked to the back bedroom and laid down in the bed. I turned over to my side and looked at him.

"Goodnight Zayn," I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Goodnight love," He said smiling.

I rubbed my hand against his beard and closed my eyes. I hope he would still be here when I woke up tomorrow. I wanted to wake up and look into his beautiful eyes. 

*The Next Morning*

I woke up with Zayn's arm wrapped around my waist. I felt terrible. How would Harry feel if he knew about this? I couldn't help but love being in his warm embrace. I moved and he opened his eyes. I didn't mean to wake him up.

"You look so beautiful in the morning," He said.

I blushed. "Thanks love," I said.

I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. I hated the feeling of being dirty when I woke up in the morning. I slipped off my clothes and stepped into the warm steamy shower. I washed my long brown hair. After about 10 minutes I stepped out of the shower and dried my hair, and giving it big barrel curls. I brushed a bit of mascara on. I never wore that much make up. I preferred to look much more natural.

I walked into my room to find Zayn not there. Where could he be at? Did he leave? I walked to my closet and pulled out my favorite pair of jeans and a grey oversized Topshop jumper. I slipped on my black Vans and walked out of my room and into the kitchen. Where I found Zayn. 

"I thought I'd make us breakfast," He said with a slight grin on his face. "I know how much you love chocolate chip pancakes."

"Thanks love," I said walking over to him. It wasn't breakfast time though. It was near 1 o'clock. He was already done cooking so I was able to get my food and start eating. We were both starving and shoved our food down fast. I wondered where he was taking me today, and if he was still going to take me. He always had something fun planned, wether it be with me, or the boys.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Of course." I said.

We walked out of the door and out to his Range Rover. Thats when I looked at my phone. Four messages from Harry. 

From: Hazza <3

10:00 am: Rhiannon I'm sorry about last night. I just don't want to loose you again.

10:15 am: Rhi? Why aren't you texting back?

10:30 am: We need to talk.

10:45 am: Meet me at the boat ramps at 1:30 if you still want to be with me at all. I love you Rhi. xx

I didn't respond. I wasn't in the mood to deal with him right now. I didn't say anything to Zayn about it because I didn't want him to change his mind about us hanging out. 

"Zayn where are we going?" I asked.

"Its a surprise. We're almost there," He said smiling, but keeping his eyes on the road. 

I looked at the clock on my phone. December 20th, 2012. 1:22 PM. Zayn looked at me, informing me that we were here. Thats when I saw the sign. 

Cheshire Lakes Boat Ramps.


(A/N): I want to say a massive thanks to all the people that are reading this book! Your support makes writing this so much more fun! But again thank you and I hope you are enjoying!

Much Love,
Peyton. xx


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