Last Chance At Forever

NON FAMOUS: Rhiannon. Torn between two guys. Her boyfriend of almost 5 years, Harry, & his best mate Zayn. Forced to choose. Who will she pick her childhood best friend, or her man on the side? Will Harry find out about Rhiannon's secrets?


3. 4 Months Ago

Harry's P.O.V

As I was about to ask Rhi, her phone starts going off.. My luck right?! But then I saw that it was... It was ZAYN!! Out of all people it had to be him!  She told me to hold on. So I'm just not gonna even ask her tonight because that just soo ruined the mood.. Thanks a lot Zayn! The thought of what happened with them still gave me that feeling you get when you hear nails on a chalkboard.

Rhiannon's P.O.V

As Harry was just about to ask me something I get a phone call. I looked at him.

"I've got to take this. Hold on," I said walking out of the room.

When I looked at my phone my heart skipped a beat when I saw that it said Zayn Malik! I haven't heard from him in forever! Last time I saw him things happened. And I couldn't help but wonder if I was over him. Every time I heard his name I got butterflies in my stomach. I loved Harry so much, but Zayn was just something I wanted but I knew I couldn't have.

*4 months before*

Rhiannon's P.O.V

I'm so depressed and fed up right now!! Harry and I just broke up... AGAIN! I love him and he loves me but we just keep breaking apart.. My heart is slowly breaking more and more every time we break up. While I was leaving his flat (more like running out of) bawling my eyes out I ran into someone that was walking ahead of me.

"Oh I-I'm sorry" I said with what voice I had left.

"It's alright love. Wait.. Rhi?" said the guy with a raspy, British accent I looked up and said "Zayn!?" He laughed lightly with a smile and answered "Yeah.. What's wrong love? You look like you've been crying.."

"I-I have been... Harry and I just broke up again.."

"Wow. I'm sorry beautiful. Hey you want to come hang at my flat and talk about it? I miss talking to you like we used to"

"Umm sure.. I really need a true friend like you right now."

"Ok come on. My cars over here" We hopped into his black Range Rover. When I sat in it I could smell his cologne. It was actually clean for a guys car.

*At Zayn's flat* 

"Hey you want something to drink?" He said as we entered his gorgeous flat.

"Umm sure I'll take whatever." He made some wine for him and made an apple martini for me since it was 11 P.M. 

"Here you go love! An apple martini. Your favorite drink." He said with a big smile.

"Thanks Zayn! I really need this. I can't take all this heartbreak right now...."

"What happened? If you want to tell me that is."

"Well I found some girls number in his phone. Her name was Taylor and they had been texting very flirtyish. So I confronted him about it and he just blew me off and got really mad at me for looking at his phone. I told him it's not my fault he left his phone on the kitchen counter where I could see it when she texted him back! And we fought for awhile then he told me that he's done! And that we're over..." I choked on my words and started crying soo hard.

"Wow... All I can say is wow... You don't deserve that! I love Harry like a brother but REALLY!? Is he really that stupid!?!? I should go over there and beat his sorry arse!!"

"No don't do that Zayn..... Please just stay here.. With me." I said still bawling.

"I'm not going anywhere love. I'm gonna stay right here by your side."

As he pulled me onto his lap and held onto me tight around my waist. When he did that I looked into his gorgeous brown eyes and then down at his lips then back up. And before I knew it we were...we were kissing... We kissed till we both needed air.. Then he crashed his lips onto mine soo passionately and picked me up and carried me to his room. That's when we built a special bond but we both knew I wanted to be with Harry. That moment with him just felt soo right with him, but I felt guilty. I loved Harry but I think I may be developing feelings for Zayn.

(A/N): This was written by Jasmine! Btw sorry to you Haylor shippers. Thanks Loves!! X

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