Evil Acts

What will the Gaang do when they find an unknown friend committing terrible acts?


3. The Surprise (Toph)

I hated flying on Appa, always have, always will. Since I’m blind, I ‘see’ by using earth bending to feel vibrations through the ground. So when I’m flying on Appa, I really am blind. When we finally landed, even though we had only been in the air for a few minutes, I was extremely grateful. But my gratitude soon turned to horror as I felt a slowing heartbeat and smelled the faint metallic odor of blood. There must have been a lot of blood to have been able to smell it, especially from a few meters away.

          The dying heartbeat was that of the man lying on the ground with a girl standing over him. I couldn’t tell her intentions though since her breathing and heartbeats were completely even. But I guessed we missed a fight.

          I heard a few screams, probably from Sokka, but everyone soon sprung into action. Zuko, Suki, and Sokka were trying to stop the girl who was earth bending at them without moving from her spot. I expected Katara to start healing the man’s wounds right away but she just stood there, not doing anything. I ran up to her and tugged on her sleeve. “Katara, that man is dying.” I told her, but she seemed perfectly calm. I waited for her to respond.

          “Toph, he’s a Fire Nation soilder.” she said. I didn’t know how to react to that. So was that girl the good guy, or the bad? Should we let him die just because he’s Fire Nation? Katara seemed to think we should, but what would you expect from someone whose mother was killed during a fire nation raid? But I knew Aang would feel differently. I could hear him calling Katara to save the dying man and Katara yelling back at him. I didn’t know what to do.

          It seemed that Suki almost had the girl pinned but she was about to try a last attack. She bended a rock up into the air that was pointed like a knife, I tried to stop her but I was so distracted by Aang and Katara that I hit Sokka with a rock instead. This girl was strong and someone was gonna get hurt. Good thing I’m blind because I really couldn’t watch this. But I didn’t hear any of my friends scream, all I heard was a disturbing gurgling sound and I realized that she bended the rock at the dying Fire Nation soldier. She used her last seconds before getting restrained, not to hurt us or protect herself, but to assure the Fire Nation soldier’s demise. It struck him in the neck and his heart beat stopped a few seconds later. The girl, realizing too that he was dead and now able to focus on herself, kicked Suki off of her and started to run away.

          Aang was mad, he stepped away from the dead soldier and I could feel his heart beat speed up, that meant bad news for the girl. I don’t really understand why he would get so worked up over someone dying who he should hate, but that’s Aang for ya. In one flick of his wrist, a gust of air knocked her to the ground and Sokka and Zuko ran to her and held her down.

          “Who are you?” Aang’s voice boomed, if his chakra wasn’t blocked, he’d probably be in the avatar state. I could feel the girl’s heart speed up a little but she was more surprised than scared.

          “My name is Jazz. Who are you, intruding on someone else’s business like it’s your own?” she responded. Yep, she definitely wasn’t scared. But that name struck something in me, and suddenly a memory took over my brain. It was my father saying to my mother, “My brother Yoko, his wife Fay, and his five-year-old sons Gintu and Hontu, have all been killed by the Fire Nation. Their daughter, Jazz, is alive but, she ran away.” I was only six when I overheard that conversation. Then I knew who that murderous girl was. My cousin.

          I didn’t know if I should say something or not. How would everyone think of me, knowing that this girl was my family? “Um, Katara” I said quietly, but I didn’t know if she heard me. I tried someone else; I felt I really shouldn’t bother Aang right this second, “Suki?” I guess she had better hearing, since Katara was closer to me but she was the one who answered.

          “What is it Toph?” I opened my mouth to speak but I wasn’t really sure what to say.

          “Toph?” the girl said, sounding surprised. I guess she realized it too; she was older than me after all. In a split second she disappeared and then reappeared right in front of me. Sokka and Zuko looked around in wonder, flabbergasted. She took the underground route, which made me realize she could have escaped at any time. I think she was looking me over, because I could feel her just standing there, doing nothing. So I just stood there, waiting to hear everyone’s reaction. I felt movement but no one said anything. Aang’s heartbeat slowed as we walked over to Katara who still stood in the same spot she had been in since we got here. Suki went to comfort a confused Sokka still sitting on the ground where Jazz was pinned. And Zuko leapt up and ran after Jazz. I wanted to see what she would do so I quickly bended a five foot wall up in front of Zuko, which he impressively jumped over, so the next one I made higher. I guess he wasn’t expecting another and he ran right into it. He got the message after that. 


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