Evil Acts

What will the Gaang do when they find an unknown friend committing terrible acts?


2. The Reliving (Jazz)

“Fire Nation scum!” I shouted at the fire bender. I bended a rock as fast as I could at him and it struck him right in the stomach. He fell over in pain, coughing and gasping. I bended a rock from beneath me straight up, propelling me into the air and landed in front of him. I saw blood dripping out of his mouth; I could tell his internal injuries were serious. I looked down on the dying fire nation soldier, a notion I’d done numerous times before and would continue to do until this war was over. I wondered if he had a family, but instantly blocked that thought out as soon as it came. I couldn’t allow myself to think like that or I would never be able to kill any of them. They were monsters, they murdered my family.

*****We used to live in a big house near the edge of Ba Sing Se. Even though we were wealthy, we lived in the outer ring to help the refugees by giving them food or clothes or a place to stay, whatever they needed. When the Dragon of the West broke through the outer wall six years ago, they sent Fire Nation soldiers into the city to look around. That was the first and only time my mother regretted moving to the outer ring. If we were in the center of the city like we should have been, we would have been inaccessible to the Fire nation and my family would still be alive. The soldiers were hungry and weary from their long journey through the wall so they went to the biggest house they could find and broke in to steal food and water and alcohol.

          My family included me, my mother, my father, and my younger twin brothers. When this happened my brothers were 5 and I was only 10, I was also the only earth bender in my family so I had to protect them. I tried as hard as I could. I was an amazing earthbender even at that age but I was severely outnumbered. I protected my family and held my ground for a while but there had to be a dozen Fire Nation soldiers and more were coming. I soon became exhausted and my bending was little more than throwing rocks. I concentrated only on protecting my family and didn’t bother to watch my own back. When I looked over my shoulder to give my family a reassuring smile and let them know everything would be okay, even though I knew it wouldn’t be, one of the soldiers stabbed me in the stomach with his sword. I screamed in agony as he twisted it and pulled it out. I could hear my family screaming and crying and my mom telling my dad to be careful. He wanted to take my place in protecting the family, probably tormenting himself for letting me fight in the first place, but I couldn’t let him. They weren’t fighters like I was. He had no weapon and he would surely die. With my last bit of energy, I surrounded my family with rock walls and fell to the ground. I knew it wouldn’t be enough.

          I woke in a puddle of my own blood with a woman kneeling over me tending to my wounds. There were villagers all around and I looked in horror, through tear filled eyes, at the men carrying away my families’ limp corpses. It was over. I failed. I cried over the inevitable, how could a 10-year-old girl protect her family from a crowd of fire nation soldiers? The woman kept telling me it was okay, that I would be adopted and get a new family. But I didn’t want a new family, I didn’t want to be adopted, and I didn’t want this woman telling me everything was okay, because it wasn’t. Before she could finish fixing my wound, I got up and ran off into the forest. I ran as fast as I could until I saw blood dripping from my stab wound onto the ground. I debated going back and getting it bandaged up but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to go back to that house or that village and if I could, I would keep running until I got out of the Earth Kingdom and then continue to the South Pole. But after a few more minutes of running, the drops got bigger until eventually, there was a steady stream of blood running down my side, and I stopped.

          I sat down under a tree and thought about where I would go, what I would do, and after thinking up a plan, what I needed. I realized four things while under that tree.


If I stayed in one place, one way or another, I would unintentionally develop a new family. If I never got close to anyone again, I would never lose anyone again. To assure that I didn’t get close to anybody, I would be a solitary nomad for the rest of my life. I had to kill everyone in the Fire Nation.


*****After reliving that memory, I looked down on the dying Fire Nation soldier with especial hatred. I thought about how this could be one of the soldiers who killed my family, and that pushed me over the edge. Even if it wasn’t, I’m sure he has killed other innocent people, or at least wouldn’t hesitate to. I thought about what I would do to the men who killed my family and pulled my knife out of its sheath. He looked up at me and terror filled his eyes. The face of the soldier who stabbed me suddenly popped up in my mind and it seemed that was all I could see. Earlier I thought about killing this man quickly to end his suffering, but now there was no trace of sympathy left in my body.

          I was pretty sure that internal bleeding took a while to kill, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted him to suffer like I did. Even though he probably didn’t kill my family, he was a monster, and monsters need to be slain.

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