Ooh, Burn

Harry and the boys have just read an amusing Fan fiction of them taking in a broken girl from off the streets. Later that day, Harry is taking a walk, he hears a strange noise. A girl is sitting there with a knife, slashing her wrists deeply. She looks up at him.....
A/N. This is just a joke! it's a short story. Take no offence to it or whatever. it's kind of an anti- fanfic


3. 3

She looked up.

And, oh my God, she was so ugly. Her face was just weird looking, and her face was so flat. It was like she ran into a wall when she was younger. Like one of those luxury cats.

Her eyebrows were thick and I say eyebrows, but really she only had one. She gasped a little, her eyes widened. Then I could see her eyes were bloodshot. Ohh, she probably smokes weed.

I spun on my heels and booked it out of their. Oh Lord I was never going to be able to get her out of my head. I was going to have nightmares of monsters.

Stupid story got me all hyped up for finding a pretty girl. She was just too.....ugh. Lol no way was I going to take her home and save her.

I sipped some more tea.

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