Ooh, Burn

Harry and the boys have just read an amusing Fan fiction of them taking in a broken girl from off the streets. Later that day, Harry is taking a walk, he hears a strange noise. A girl is sitting there with a knife, slashing her wrists deeply. She looks up at him.....
A/N. This is just a joke! it's a short story. Take no offence to it or whatever. it's kind of an anti- fanfic


2. 2

I stand at the counter, drumming my finger against the plastic top. In my head I count it out again. A coffee with mocha, three teas, a slice of cake. 3.49, 3 times 3.45 and 5.60 is about...

"Sir?" The guys voice breaks my counting trance. "Your total is 19.45." I had him a twenty and grapple with four drinks and a pastry in a box. The cake was for Louis as a token for forgiveness  The slice was expensive too so I'd better be forgiven. I get a cup holder thingy and a bag. It was easy to carry so I walked home faster. Passing another dark alley I heard a faint but definite noise.

 A cry then a gasp. I froze right there on the sidewalk. The noise was definitely coming from behind me but but in the dark passage I couldn't see. So I backed up to before the break just at the corner of the building. There, I spied a girl along the opposite wall crumbled down next to a dumpster.

I didn't know what to do. So I took a sip of tea. I watched. I waited. After what seemed like an eternity, she made a little back and forth motion. I couldn't tell what she was doing. Her blanket of long blonde hair covered her knees.

Her blonde hair was dirty but fell in stressed ringlets  Her routes were darker, almost like Niall's but I could tell she was actually blonde. I placed the bag down with care making sure it made no noise. I peeked a little father over around the corner. She wore a pair of ratty, grey sweatpants down to her mid calf. Wearing a t-shirt that was 2 times too big for her, I felt sad for her.

She was whimpering and crying and generally making a lot of noise. I sipped more tea, waited around watching this rather odd street entertainment. Deja vu was just rolling through my head, how ironic was it that I found this girl in the alley way was just like the story we had just finished. But I was not Lou, and yet the similarities were drawing themselves already.

The girl finally looked up, and I jumped behind the building, barely peeking around the corner. I watched as she stared down at the blood coming from her wrists. Oh my God, she was cutting. I had watched her cut, that's why she had been crying.
Before I could stop myself, I found my feet carrying me to her, stopping a meter away from her thin fragile body.

"Are you okay?" My voice was gentle and open.

She looked up.

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