Vacation of a life time

18 year old Anastalja ( anna style ja) and her best Hye cilck go to the sunny beach of California with Aj's mom. Anastalja and Hye meet ONE DIRECTION. Hye falls hard for Zayn and Aj falls for Niall. But their vacation comee to a sad end. Will Niall and Anastalja stay together? Or is this just a SUMMER LOVE?


4. The Beach

Next day, I woke up early (12:00) I rolled over to see that Hye was already up and she was listening :to music. She reached over and plugged her iPod into the jack, it blasted 1D Rock Me (my second favorite song from them.) It was on Liam's solo so, I sung along "YEA, WE WERE TOGETHER SUMMER '09 WANNA ROLL BACK LIKE PRESSN' REWIND, JUST CAN'T LIE WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LI-IFE " I stopped because there was a knock on the door but, when I looked through the peephole no one was there. I took a step back and something cracked underneath my foot, I looked down to see an envelope it was addressed 'To the beautiful voices next door'. "Hye come here " she walked over to me and took the letter out of my hand "ohhh pretty handwriting " "Thanks for the wake up song " "Who's it from?" Hye's eyes got big "NIALL HORAN " she hugged the letter then kissed it. I shook my head. "Get dressed so we can go suit shopping " I looked at het "You got really big balls my friend, hug and kiss my man's letter then tell me what to do " Hye smiled at me showing all her teeth, I took a shower then got into my beach shorts and yellow tank top. Hye put on a light sundress, I wrote my mom another note saying that we would be on the beach and then we left. We walked for a good three minutes before Hye pulled me into a store the "specialized" on the art of bikinis. By the time we left it was 3:00, ''You really should have gotten another bikini, AJ" Hye said to me. "Why do that when I can just borrow one of yours you've got six now" She made a face but, kept walking; I was just fine with ONE bikini and a pair of dark sunglasses. "So, I'm playing volleyball with the locals... and you are... What are you going to do?" We were back in our hotel room, Hye was changing into her new blue bikini. I went over to the mirror and checked myself out; the sales lady was right green was my color but, I looked closely into the mirror that was the only thing that had color. "I'll be sunbathing and maybe I'll go surfing." I said, she laughed "You can't surf" I smiled, "NO, love you can't surf." "I can surf better than you can." Hye said slipping on some shorts. "Hye surfing on a video game doesn't count, especially if you have it on easy setting." She looked at me wide-eyed "How'd you know that?" I laughed tied my cover around me waist and pushed Hye out the door. Not even fully down the hallway, a door opened and then it closed, "I know they were, I loved her hair, that smile, those big green eyes." "Yeah, I'm getting on the lift now... Don't get snippy with me!!!" We poked our heads around the side of the wall to see a blonde-headed guy stepping onto the lift, we continued to walk toward the lift, the whole way there Hye was trying to hold in her excitement. I pushed the button to open the doors and when we got on she just let go... "OMG,AJ... Niall was talking about you" I gave her 'Please for your sake and my well being, get real' look. Hye rolled her eyes "Who else has green eyes?" "My mother." I said. "Ewe, this is Niall James Horan, not Harry Edward Styles". Hye let it drop, she could always sense my uncomfyness; In the lobby of the hotel were loads of girls and tools with cameras. We sat on the couch and waited for them to follow the boys wherever it was they were going. "Come Hye, let's go before all the good boards a taken" she laughed "You can't surf, love". A couple of girls ran passed us screaming... "THEIR AT THE BEACH, WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF" I rolled my eyes, reached into my shoulder bag  and pulled out my sunglasses. When we got to the beach, my plan to go surfing was out but, getting a little tan before the show was still on. "So Liam, Harry,  and Niall are in the water while Zayn and Louis are getting the teams for volleyball set up... it also looks like they need one more player and that player would happily be me.'' Hye ran off the play volleyball, leaving me to look for a nice sunny spot to tan in. I put in my earbuds and blasted the playlist on my iPod, I shifted my hair to the side a few times before getting pissed and just clipping it up into a messy ponytail. Live While We're Young played and I looked over to my right; Hye was still playing Volleyball and thankfully Zayn didn't recognized her and she was not trying to get his attention, Niall and the rest of the boys were dunking each other in the water, I laughed "They are going to look like raisins, when they come out of that water" I thought to myself. I lied back down and closed my eyes, 20 minutes later someone was poking me in my face. "AJ,AJ,AJ, I'm hungry" Hye said to me, I looked at her "Well why didn't you go get something to eat?" "Because I thought you might be hungry too" "I am pretty hungry" "Could maybe go for a hot dog?" "No, more like extra large nachos" I laughed and got up , we walked for two minutes before we found the hotdog\nacho guy. Once we got our food we sat on a wooden bench then, Hye's eyes got really big. "What is it?" "Nothing, just saw something unbelievable" I stared to turn around and look but Hye stopped me. "Anastaja, you missed it already!" I looked at Hye a little concerned. "I would like another hotdog" "Well go get one" "I don't want to go over there by myself" "Why not" "Because he looks at me all weird" "Your wearing a little blue bikini, how is he going to look at you?" "Like a costumer" I shook my head but, finished my chips and went and got her another hotdog, then we went back to the beach. My seat was still open, I happily sat in it and let the warm sun rays wash over my body; Hye sat in the one next to me. Hye waited another 20 minutes before poking me in my leg. "Hey, AJ let's get in the water. "But, I don't want to get in the water" "You need too" I looked down at my arm it was a little burn, I gave in "All right lets go" Hye slipped off her shorts and I untied my cover, we walked to the water and got in, I swam a little away from shore and Hye followed. We were having to fun time until I was lifted out of the water and onto someone's shoulders. "Oh my gosh, put me down" "Okay" An Irish accent said then let me drop, I floated down for a little bit before resurfacing again. I wiped the water from my eyes to see that I was eye to eye with Niall for a second time.                  

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