Vacation of a life time

18 year old Anastalja ( anna style ja) and her best Hye cilck go to the sunny beach of California with Aj's mom. Anastalja and Hye meet ONE DIRECTION. Hye falls hard for Zayn and Aj falls for Niall. But their vacation comee to a sad end. Will Niall and Anastalja stay together? Or is this just a SUMMER LOVE?


5. The Beach ( Part 2)/Night on the Town

"Hi" Niall said "Hey how are you?" I asked "So much better...Now" My heart started to race and I could feel my pale cheeks going red. We were so close that our top were touched but, that ended with a flash. A flash that had blinded me for a moment "Hey Niall, Who's the pretty girl?" the pole with the camera asked. Niall didn't answer, he just stared at me like I was an unbelievable sight for sore eyes, only when the flashing stopped did he look up which made me look up as well. In the place of a guy holding a camera was a girl-Hye- she was holding my phone and smiling. She raised her eyebrows as if to say "I told you so" and I looked at the water in defeat as if I were saying "I know you did". We had a 30 second non-verbal conversation before Hye finally got to why she came over here. "So, I just got off the phone with mom." she said, I looked at her wanting for more. "And" "Oh and I told her that we were shopping for the concert and we should be done in about an hour or so."  Niall spoke this time "That's great you can spend that hour with us, I'm more than sure Zayn wants to see you again." "REALLY" I smiled as Hye's voice went up  into her little mouse voice she only used when she was excited. I got out of the water that was now giving me goosebumps and Niall followed me paying no attention to the girls trying to touch him. "So, what does One Direction do when they have an hour to kill?" I asked as the rest of gang came over. Louis sat down on the sand, Liam and Harry sat in the chair next to me, while Zayn stood next to Hye and put his arm around her waist, Niall sat down next to my leg. The sticks with cameras were back taking pictures of us and even though the flashing was giving me a headache I pay them any mind, "I could go for some food" Zayn said, we all looked at Niall was pink lips had spread into a big grin "Yeah, I'm hungry" I smiled and looked at Louis, "You want to leave your game?" He looked over at the volleyball court "Yeah love, lets go"  I put my cover my waist while Hye put on her shorts.

******* End of Beach******* Start of Night on the Town ********

We all piled up into a van, the same van from their "What Makes You Beautiful "  video and like in the behind-the- scene video Louis  drove like a manic but, that didn't stop him from getting in the driver seat. What  I thought what going to be a 3-5 minute drive took less than 2 minutes, Louis was speeding and honking the horn at the same time. Harry (who had called shotgun) was yelling while the rest of us were hanging on to each other for dear life. The people outside were diving out of the way, yelling, and giving us the finger, I leaned over to be in Niall's ear. "Your going to be all over the news, Mr. Horan"  he laughed loudly and held my hand. "Death is funny to you, mate" I looked over to Liam who looked like he was going to be sick,  I reached over and rubbed his arm it worked until Lou came to a hard stop in front of the hotel. Liam nearly tripped on his shoe trying to get to still ground. "Are you okay, Liam" "I will be in a minute" Ni pulled me by my arm into the hotel and onto the lift before the doors closed all the way I caught  sight of a cheeky smiling Hye and Harry. I pushed the third floor button, "How do you know I was on the third floor?" I smiled wickedly "You are, really, I had no idea" Niall was bout to say something but, I was already down the hall. He ran after me and dragged me to the ground, there is were we stayed until one of the room doors opened and the manger came out. he walked past us with a look on his face that read "GET A ROOM", when he was out of earshot I laughed, he fly was open ad his tie was crooked. "Can you guess what was going on I there?" I laughed harder and got off the floor. Going though my shoulder my bag, I found my room key Nialler looked sad. "I'll be back, just want to change. I can't walked around wet in a green bikini all day" he smiled at tapped on his door which was right next to mine. "This is mine room" "I know"  Before got I into my room, Niall stopped me "You and Hye are the singing voices that woke me up yesterday, right?" I pecked my new found prince on the cheek and went into my room Laying on my bed, I happily screamed into the pillow before hopping into  he shower and going over to my suitcase. I only found short things to wear, we really did need to go shopping. I pulled out a whit tank top, and a blue jean jacket then went over to Hye's case inside were an unbelievable amount I <3 Zayn shirts, six pairs of shorts, nine jeans, and seven skirts. I took her light blue skinnies and put on my white flats. I dried my hair with a towel and watched it curl up the put a little bit of lip-gloss on. When I opened the door , I was yet again staring into the wonderful face of NIALL JAMES HORAN from ONE DIRECTION. "I was just... um... Hi" I laughed, "Hello" I closed my door and walked side by side to the lift him, it was when we got downstairs that niall stopped trying to make small talk with me but, I have to admit it was getting kind of cute. 


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