Vacation of a life time

18 year old Anastalja ( anna style ja) and her best Hye cilck go to the sunny beach of California with Aj's mom. Anastalja and Hye meet ONE DIRECTION. Hye falls hard for Zayn and Aj falls for Niall. But their vacation comee to a sad end. Will Niall and Anastalja stay together? Or is this just a SUMMER LOVE?


2. On the plane

But, that was seven hours ago. We got to the airport and waited for an half hour for the plane to arrive. Once on the plane, mother went to the front while Hye and I planted ourselves in the back. (Mom had said yes to Hye coming because Dad had canceled), the flight attendance lady kept looking at us weird. Maybe because we were sitting cheek to cheek listening to One Direction's Still the One but, we didn't care. Mom was in the front worrying the guy next to her and if she got up I would just pretend to asleep. By the time the plane took off Hye had moved on to her own 1D headphones (only difference is that she had hearts around Zayn's head). My playlist had (for the moment) moved on from One Direction and was now playing Love U Betta by Neon Hicth and before long I really did fall asleep. I once again dreamed about One Direction but, this time my dream was ruined by Hye shaking me awake. "Get up and stop dreamn' 'bout my man " I rolled my eyes and yawned. "Don't nobody on this plane want ti dream about Zayn but you" she smiled and reached into my back pocket. "Hey, Hye what are you doing?" I asked."Well I just couldn't stop thinking about Zayn so, I used your phone to buy front row tickets and backstage passes to his concert" I didn't- I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Hye's words were so unbelievable that I nearly dropped my suitcase. "Hye how the hell did you pay for that?" "Well I kinda did a thing and charged it to my stepdad's credit card." She looked to the ground and my eyee got big "Hye how could you?" "Don't judge, besides he's got a whole bunch of money so, what's two tickets and two passes going to do to him?" I looked at Hye then at my mom who was trying to flag down cab. "What 'bout my mom" "That's already covered, she said it would give her time to find LLCool " "isn't he in New York?" "Yes ". We walked over to my mother, she finally gotten a cab and was now loading her thing into the back. "Everyone's in?" "Yes " Hye and I said in unison. "To this hotel please" mother said showing thw driver a piece of paper " "Yes, ma'am". At the hotel, Hye and I shared a room and mom got her own. After we had eaten, and taken a shower we loaded up a map, left mother a note and went looking for the concert building.

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