Vacation of a life time

18 year old Anastalja ( anna style ja) and her best Hye cilck go to the sunny beach of California with Aj's mom. Anastalja and Hye meet ONE DIRECTION. Hye falls hard for Zayn and Aj falls for Niall. But their vacation comee to a sad end. Will Niall and Anastalja stay together? Or is this just a SUMMER LOVE?


6. Night on the Town

" Ello love"  Harry said in my ear then, turned to Niall, "Aye!, Mate. That's not fair that you can get all fancy." Soon they all formed circle around us. "Aj, can I see you real quick?" "Yea, sure" Hye pulled back onto the lift and into  our room. "Are those my skinnies?" I put my arm around her neck "Yes, Yes it is" "Okay, help me get dressed" I pulled at her black skinnies and her yellow tank top then, I proceed to flat iron her hair. "Honey? There are two very cute, very handsome boys standing at your door." I ran to the door as one of them drew air to tell my mother who they were, "Mother! Hi!, yes come in please.'' I pulled my mother into the room and held up one finger to Niall and Zayn. "Those are just some guys from guys." "Oh, well they are both very nice and one has an accent just like you dear." "I know mother" "Why are you two so dressed up?" "They invited us to hang with them for a while." Hye said which wasn't a lie, I hated  lying to my mother, we've always had a close r'ship  plus, I can't lie , I suck at it. Mother looked a little disappointed, it made me want to cry, "Okay, well,  have fun" she said, "Mom, did you want to tell me something?" she brighten up "Oh yea, silly me. Your father's goanna be here soon" My eyes went big and I looked at Hye who shook her head, "Oh, great... daddy.... this vacation just wasn't the same without him." My kissed my forehead and gave Hye a hug, "So, glad to here you say that dear." She left and I felt sick, I put my head on the wall, "great, just fucking perfect." "Whoa, potty mouth.' I smiled at the voice of my Irish half, "Where's Hye?" Zayn asked "She's sitting... in the bathroom'' I grabbed the flat irons and went into the bathroom. Once that was done, the four of us headed downstairs, we piled into the van again but, Harry drove this time(badly drove but, better than Louis). We drove for a good thirty minutes before we stopped. "hey, were are we at?" Hye asked. "Well, can't show up to the hottest club in California, in this old sheep of rubbish" Louis said as a black limo pulled in front of us. "Ladies first" Liam said with a smile, Hye wasted no time getting with Zayn, Niall and I were right behind them. Another 10 minutes passed before my curios mind got the best of me "Okay, so one of you enlighten me.... What is the hottest club in California?" "Taken" Niall said "Ohhh, I've heard a little about them on the news, they just opened up." Hye said  Harry smiled and opened the door, that' when the screams Started and they got louder when Louis stepped out. I looked at Niall and he squeezed me hand, then smiled. My worries about fucking up melted away, "Ready?" "As I'll ever be." We stepped out to stepped out to screaming fans  and flashing lights. Inside the club, Hye and Zayn hit the bar and were trying to out drink each, Liam, Harry, and Louis hit the dance floor while Niall and I sat at a table on the top looking down at them and others. "So, your in school'' I nodded "So, your a superstar." he laughed which made me laugh " Yes, I am... we are . Its more like college for hardcore music lovers. Hye and I were on different sides of the music world before we were put together." "Different sides of the music world?'' "I like pop music and Hye was more of a blues lover." I could a sip of the drink I had ordered bur, choked  a little because Hye slapped my back. "Fishy, fish, Fishy... I leaving now." She said blowing her breathe in my face which smelled of just about everything  at the bar. "Well Hye congrats." "For what, bunny bear?" " a new record on getting drunk." "What are you talking about, we've been here for 1 hour now."  "No, baby, we have not. " "Realllllllllllllllllly, I don' t care, going home now." "How, babe?'' "I'll take her.' Zayn said grabbing her by the waist. I looked at him, his eyes were red. Zayn was drunk too but, he his it very well. I looked at Niall, "Hey Paul, can you bring the car around, Zayn and Hye are trying to leave." he ended the call, "Go to the front   

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