Vacation of a life time

18 year old Anastalja ( anna style ja) and her best Hye cilck go to the sunny beach of California with Aj's mom. Anastalja and Hye meet ONE DIRECTION. Hye falls hard for Zayn and Aj falls for Niall. But their vacation comee to a sad end. Will Niall and Anastalja stay together? Or is this just a SUMMER LOVE?


3. Meeting the Boys

On something street, we found the building. Hye went over to the door and opened it. "Let's go in!" Hye said. She was getting that gleam in her eyes and that meant she was planning something."Girl we can't go in there" "Oh yes the hell we can,come on." Before I could protest anything, Hye and I were in the building. We walked in the dark for a few minutes but, before we saw the light we heard the voices. Hye walked ahead of me. "Hye wait" I yelled softly. She answered me with a fangirl scream, I put my hand over her mouth but it was too late. "What was that?" A British voice asked. "Harry" I said to myself. "That was a fan" another British voice said, ""Loui " Hye said against my hand. "Stay here, we'll go and find her " one of their bodyguards said. "When you find her can you bring her to us, wonder how she got in?" I could feel my body giving away at the sweet voice of Niall but, the simply fact that the guards could have us arrested put me in escape mode. I pulled Hye by her arm and went back to the front door; it was locked. "Damn it!" I looked and saw a sign that read 'Backstage ' and I quickly made a run for it. I checked every corner before proceeding, I lasted for a good five minutes before I got surrounded by two bodyguards coming the same way. I backed up and fell onto Hye "Ow!! Aj" "Sorry Hye" We had fallen into a kitchen, I knew it was a kitchen because food had been cooked recently. I got up a put my hands on the wall and started to walk. "Aj,Aj, where did you go?" Hye sounded scared. "Just follow my voice" I told her. Then I started to sing the frist thing in my head which was More Than This Niall's solo. "IF I'AM LOUDER,WOULD YOU SEE ME WOULD YOU LAY DOWN IN MY ARMS AND RESCUE ME 'CAUSE WE ARE THE SAME. YOU SAVE ME AND WHEN YOU LEAVE ITS GONE AGAIN". Hye natural song Louis's part. "BUT, THEN I SEE YOU ON THE STREET IN HIS ARMS I GET WEAK, MY BODY FAILS I'M ON MY KNEES PRAYN'" After that she stepped on my foot. "Sorry Aj, I heard a voice" she hugged my waist. "Well what did it sound like?" "I don't know" "Then you didn't really hear it " I found the light switch when I flipped it, there they were bundled up in the corner. "Hi, we're One Direction" We froze but it became hard for me to breathe and that was do to Hye squeezing the air out of me trying to hold in her fabgirlness. Niall was the first to come up to us, "Hi how are you " He had nacho cheese dip on the corner ofjf his mouth. As an impulse from babysitting,I wiped his face. "Thanks" he said in his heavy irish accent. "No problem " I said in my cool fangirl way. "Those crazy guya want this girl to find them " I heard one guard say. "It's probably Niall, you know that guys stomach " another guard said. I took a deep breath as Hye suddenly related me. Ii turned to see Hye's light brown hair running away, there was a tug at my arm and I turned to face Niall. "Come with me." He said. I followed without protest, he lead me into a small area barely room for a box but, some how we both fit. The kitchen light went out but came back on a few seconds later. "Hi we're 3/5 ths of One Direction. I put my head on Niall's chest and laughed. "Um, love?" "Yes Niall" "Something is poking me in my belly" I had to think for a moment but, quickly remembered my grandmother's butterfly belt. I moved my fingers to remove it but ( and I swaer that it was an accident) I touched Niall's umm area. I'm sooo sorry" I said embarrassed. "That quite alright, love" he said. The door opened and Niall fell backwards, taking me with him. I fell on top and my fiery red hair created a cover. Someone cleared their throt and said "Bit be getting nippy its it?" I flipped my hair and was face to face with Louis I made a face and he held out his hand, I took it and got up. I looked at an evil grinning Hyeand the 'Shut the Hell up face appeared and she grinned harder. "So there's two of you, who screamed? " Liam asked, I pointed to Hye and she slapped my hand. Louis looked like he was about to burst. "So what areyou girls doing here? Harry asked. "We're on vacation" Hye answered. "So do you guys have tickets fo~" My cell phone blasting Liam's ringtone. " pick up your phone, your annoying everybody now, pick up the phon-, pick it up now!, get-, get it!!! and then it started again. Louis was turning blue with laughter. Hye pulled me closer to her "Are you going to get that or pretend its not ringing" "You're acting real brand new" I said and pulled my phone out of my pocket it was a text from my mother, she was worried. "I'm very sorry but we have to go " I said pulling Hye away from Zayn. "Bye " they said, Niall sounded sad and that made me frown. "Bye Zany "Hye yelled and I rolled my eyes. " I can't believe you just said that" I could hear Louis's laugh from outside. Mom was pacing the lobby floor of the hotel when we arrived. "Where have you two been " my mother asked. " chasing One direction" Hye said. "Did you have fun?" "Yes" "Did you find Cool J? " I asked "No something better" Mother held up a rainbow swimsuit. "Oh my gosh, Hye it's just your size" "I love it " she said. "Girls let's getting something to eat ". We both followed mom who, had a small salad and then went to bed. Hye and I ate big that is until we heard a girl scream; eyes wide with excitement we ran to see Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis signing poster. We ran nearly knocking over the bellboys who were taking the guys bags to their rooms. "Sorry" I yelled as Hye pushed the third floor button. We ran to our room sat on the floor and waited. Two minutes later the elevator dinged. "Here is your floor, Mr Horan " "Thanks, lad " Niall said in his heavy accent. Niall entered his room and that was the last time we heard from Niall (That is until he ordered dinner) "Today was a good day " I said before I went to sleep.

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