Vacation of a life time

18 year old Anastalja ( anna style ja) and her best Hye cilck go to the sunny beach of California with Aj's mom. Anastalja and Hye meet ONE DIRECTION. Hye falls hard for Zayn and Aj falls for Niall. But their vacation comee to a sad end. Will Niall and Anastalja stay together? Or is this just a SUMMER LOVE?



"Hey we're going to the beach!" My mother said to me. Not only did she scare the living crap out of me, she also woke me up out of a good ass dream a dream about my favorite boy -band of all time ONE DIRECTION. It took a few minutes for my mom's words to sink in. "What? We're going where?" I asked "To the beautiful beach of sunny California" my mother said but this giving me a hug. "Urr, mom I hate the beach." I looked at my mom she was losing her smile."I know you don't like the beach but,this is a good chance for you to meet a nice, tan fellow". She said going through my closet and pulling out my suitcase. "Like Taylor L?" I asked. "Maybe " she replyed. "But I heard that your British-Irish boyband is going to have a concert there " she said. This news perked my attention, I sat up in bed smiling like a crazy person, "ONE DIRECTION! ?!, MOM ARE YOU BEING COMPLETELY REAL RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT? !" I asked her. "Yes so, you better get packing; we leave in 8 hours, oh and Anastalja your dye is fading." I quickly hopped out of bed and went over to my mirror and saw my mother was right, you could clearly see tred roots and tips over the dark brown (my father is an irish man himselft so his northern irish accent and flaming red hair got passed down to me) I shook my head and walked over to my closet. So, anything and everythink short got folded and thrown into the suitcase but, as I was packing I realized that I didn't have a swimsuit. I picked up my phone from the nightstand and called my best friend Hye Cilk, she didn't answer the phone so I just left a message message but, as was about to throw my phone down on the bed; it rang letting the whole house know that I still had my Zayn ringtone programed for me to know that Hye was calling. I answerd it before I could get the word "Hello" out my ear was flooded with a fangirl scream. "AJ OH MY GOD, ONE FLIPPING DIRECTION AND YOU GET TO SEE THEM WITH THEIR SHRITS OFF... YOU LUCKY BICTH!!" She said all of this and more in one breath. "Take me with you please Aj, please take me with you... I want to touch Zayn!!, I'm begging you!!!" Hye went on like this for a few more minutes so I kept packing. When sh stopped she asked me questions like "What are going to do when meet Niall?" She asked I told her tha I was going to treat him like a guy on the beach. "NO WAY not me, when I see Zayn I'am going to crawl all over him. I laughed "Do what you do girl." I said "and nothing less" Hye replyed.

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