Not So Good Bye

just needed to vent and words began to flow


1. Not So Good Bye

Good bye
When you wake up and you know that tonight you’ll try again.
Because tonight’s the end . 

Say good night to your friends

The ones that care

The ones that tried to be there

Say goodbye to your love You’ll fly like a dove

The pills go down

Or maybe you drown

You could hit road

Or get run over like a toad

Electricity in bath

You want be around to worry about the aftermath.

This poem could be the last I write, if everything goes to plan tonight, darkness being the last thing in sight, life gone in a flash, like dynamite. Maybe when I’m dead in your life there will be light cause I fucked everything up, every day and every night.
Good bye I love you all, later comes my fall. Don’t be sad because now I’m glad it’s not a phase or craze I’ve made my choice. Once I’m dead I can’t fuck your head with my voice.

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