Wide Open Spaces

Anna expected to be all alone this summer on the farm while her parents went on a long trip around the world. But what she didn't expect was that she'd be accompanied by all of One Direction--and fall in love with Harry.


25. Surprise Guest

The next day after all the commotion of the reporters, I peeked out the door before I went down to the barn. Nobody was out there, but I assumed yet were hiding. I walked down to the barn and fed the cows when I heard another helicopter land. "Oh no..." I groaned. I walked outside and watched it land on the grass.
Suddenly, I saw a familiar face appear out of it--it was Harry! I started darting up the hill and jumped into his arms. "Harry! I missed you so much!" I cried. I put my hands in his hair and kissed him.
"I'm so sorry about the paparazzi," he told me. "I never meant for it to go that far!"
"It's not your fault!" I assured him. "So why did you come back?"
Harry brushed the hair off my face. "I misse you too much. And I knew you were probably struggling with all this drama."
I nodded. "Thank you so much," I exclaimed.
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