Wide Open Spaces

Anna expected to be all alone this summer on the farm while her parents went on a long trip around the world. But what she didn't expect was that she'd be accompanied by all of One Direction--and fall in love with Harry.


24. Reporters and Cameras

The next day, I walked out in the fields after I did the jobs in the barn. For some reason I had this urge to start singing. I hadn't sang since my sophomore year of high school when I was in choir. I absolutely loved Disney movie songs, so I decided to sing one to get me a little more cheery.
"You must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon," I sang. "And all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon!" I was off key on "moon", but other than that, it turned out pretty good. Later I sang Part of Your World and I Just Can't Wait to be King. It really brought my spirits up.
I went inside later and turned on the TV. Celebrity news was on, and Harry was all over it.
Apparently he had had multiple interviews and talked about me in every single one of them. It felt so weird to me, like everyone knew about me--but I was still in my own little country town all alone. Or so I thought.
I suddenly heard a loud, ongoing sound outside. I looked out the window and saw a few helicopters landing in the fields. What the heck?! At LEAST respect the corn!
People started piling out with cameras and were flashing all over the place. I ran behind the wall hoping they wouldn't see me. I pulled out my phone and dialed Harry.
"Harry, there are people out there!" I exclaimed.
"What?" he asked.
"People with helicopters and cameras and they keep taking pictures! It's more people than the population of the whole town!" I told him.
"Oh my gosh, Anna," Harry said.
"Did you tell them my address?!" I demanded.
"I would never do that!" he retorted.
"What should I do?" I asked him.
Just then there was a banging on the door. I hung up the phone and decided to take matters into my own hands. I walked out an opened the door, stepping on the porch.
A woman with a microphone was outside with a cameraman videotaping behind her. "So, YOU'RE Harry Styles' farmer girlfriend?"
"Yes," I replied sternly. Farmer was not an insult!
"Does it ever embarrass you or Harry that a superstar like him is dating a farmer girl from the middle-of-nowhere like you?" she asked. Gee, she just makes you feel warm and cozy!
"Not at all," I told her, crossing my arms. "I am PROUD of being a farm girl and living somewhere where there's a larger cow population than people."
Anna: 1, Rude Reporter 0!
This was getting to be fun!
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