Wide Open Spaces

Anna expected to be all alone this summer on the farm while her parents went on a long trip around the world. But what she didn't expect was that she'd be accompanied by all of One Direction--and fall in love with Harry.


34. I Have to Take You Back

Harry rushed me back to the hotel room. "Anna, I know you didn't want to bring your parents up but we really need to talk," he said, sitting down on the couch.

I sighed. "What is it?" I asked, sitting next to him.

"Your parents are going to be searching everywhere for you,along with the police," Harry explained. "With the news of the whole store thing out there, they're going to find out!" He grabbed my hands. "You're going to be going back one way or another."

"No!" I exclaimed. "I can just...fly somewhere else, and hide!"

"I'm not letting you go somewhere alone," he said.

"But Harry..." I held back a sob. "Remember earlier this summer when we met at McLynn's? When we kissed in the barn? I want that again. And my dad won't let that happen."

Harry put his arms around my neck and kissed me for a minute. "I love you, Anna. But I have to take you back."

I started to cry as Harry and I kissed like we had in the barn.

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