Wide Open Spaces

Anna expected to be all alone this summer on the farm while her parents went on a long trip around the world. But what she didn't expect was that she'd be accompanied by all of One Direction--and fall in love with Harry.


23. Ellen Degenres

Harry texted me the next day telling me that he would be on the Ellen Degenres Show, so when it came on, I switched on the TV.
It was just Harry on the couch, not the whole band. "So, Harry, what's your relationship status right now?" Ellen asked.
"I have an amazing girlfriend," he replied. I smiled for the first time all day.
"Oh," Ellen gasped. "And who might that be?"
"Anna Kine," Harry said. "She's from Frosville, Pennsylvania, and is the coolest farm girl you've ever met. She can jump a fence, fight off two guys who are three times her size, and is adorable when she says 'creek'."
My eyes lit up. "Crick," I corrected.
Suddenly a picture of me and Harry appeared on the screen behind them. Oh my goodness...
"She's cute!" Ellen exclaimed. "So, how serious are you two?"
"Very," Harry told her. "I love her so much, and there is nobody else I should be with than her."
My eyes started watering. And he thought I was tough...
Harry went on talking about me, and what we did, and how we met. I was smiling like a fool the entire time. He was so sweet!
I called him later grinning. "I saw you on Ellen!" I exclaimed. "I can't believe all you talked about was...me!"
"What else would I talk about?" Harry replied.
"I love you, Harry Styles."
"I love you, Anna Kine."
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