Summer Love'

Jasmin, had been abused at times by her mom. Nothing to serious, only small bruises. Her dad had died when she was just 7 years old. One day she meets a dirty blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. but there are some obstacles in the way. Will love grow ? Will fights happen ? Will the band split up ? read to find out !!! (PS. Zayn is single in this fanfic and this is my first fan fiction.)


5. You found me. You found me.


All the thought's about me dying and leaving my little brother alone kept running through my mind.. That is until I heard Alex say "Jasmin !? Where have you been !?" I popped my eyes open and ran to her. I was so relieved she found me. I was so happy I even started crying. "Where have you been ?!" Alex asked. "I don't know ! I was sitting down when you left to get more soda and then someone put their hands around my head and I tried screaming but he ha-d a thing that make me go to sl-eep. And then I woke up in th- that room !" I said while sniffling. "I'm so glad I found you ! I cannot live without you !" Alex said while, started to cry."So um, what now lads ?" I heard an extremely attractive Irish accent speak. Wait, could it be ? I turned around slowly letting go of Alex. I turned fully around and then said "Alex why are One Direction standing in front of us?" trying not to fan girl."Oh um, they helped me find you.." she said. "Oh. Well thank you !" I scram/said. "You're very welcome !" Niall scram/said. which made me giggle. I can't believe I'm right infront of One Direction. I guess we were laughing for what seemed like 2 sec, but it was actually five. "Um, where are the others ?" I asked him. "Oh, they left to the arcade." he said. "OMG. We should go !" I scram. "Aha, okay. But can we get some food first, I'm starving." i giggled. "Yeah, I'm kind of hungry as well. Oh, and who found me ?" "Oh, I found you." "How ?" i asked. "Well, I came in here to get some Nandos, then I heard some rustling in the back. So I checked, and found you." he said. "I mean, it's pretty selfish for me to come and eat at a time like this, but it's because I was hungry. !" "Aha, it's okay." "So shall we go now ?" he said, intwining our hands. I felt the heat go to my face. And no doubt I turned redder  than a tomato. "Aha, okay." .

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