Summer Love'

Jasmin, had been abused at times by her mom. Nothing to serious, only small bruises. Her dad had died when she was just 7 years old. One day she meets a dirty blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. but there are some obstacles in the way. Will love grow ? Will fights happen ? Will the band split up ? read to find out !!! (PS. Zayn is single in this fanfic and this is my first fan fiction.)


2. The Concert....


*1 month later*

This is it. I'm going to see my favorite band in the whole wide world.ONE DIRECTION. I can't wait to see their faces in real life. I obviously had a backstage pass, otherwise I wouldn't really see their beautiful faces. I was leaving Josh at my aunts house, because my mom wouldn't take care of him well. And I didn't want to risk loosing Josh a a concert with more then 1,000 people there, he wouldn't be able to hear me.I felt sad because he couldn't hear. but that's something I've grown used to. as well as mom and Alex.

*One Hour Later*

I put on my flower print skater dress, some black flats, added a little mascara, curled my already curly hair, and applied a not so dark and not so bright lip stain from Forever 21. By the time I was finished, it was 3:00. The concert started at 5:00 but it was an hour and a half to get there so, I called up Alex and told her to hurry her little butt up. She told me she was on her way, and in 5 minutes, she was at my door. I said by to my mom and took Josh in my hands. I put him the in his car seat and went out the driveway. We got to my aunts house in 15 minutes, thanked my aunt for taking care of him while I was gone, and left. We have gotten to the concert with 20 minutes to spare. So Alex and I decided to grab something to eat, and go to the loo. we went to the loo first and did our business. We touched up our hair, and fixed a little of our makeup. After we were done, we saw a hotdog stand so we went and bought a hotdog. I got a hotdog with bacon wrapped around the sausage with some ketchup. Alex got the same thing. Once we were done, we had five minutes to spare, so we went in line and  waited what felt like forever.

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