Summer Love'

Jasmin, had been abused at times by her mom. Nothing to serious, only small bruises. Her dad had died when she was just 7 years old. One day she meets a dirty blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. but there are some obstacles in the way. Will love grow ? Will fights happen ? Will the band split up ? read to find out !!! (PS. Zayn is single in this fanfic and this is my first fan fiction.)


1. Ice Cream!!


I was in my room, on Tumblr. blogging all the pictures of one direction, fashion, love, etc. when my mom burst in and yelled at me. "YOU LITTLE BITCH, WHY DIDN'T YOU GO BUY ME MY PACK OF CIGARETTES!! she shouted. "I'm not old enough to buy cigarettes mom! i shouted back."LISTEN YOU LITTLE BITCH, DON'T YOU EVER SCREAM AT ME AGAIN!!" she yelled. She ran up to me, and started punching, slapping, and kicking me. it hurt but, I can bear the pain. She's been like this ever since my father died. She didn't smoke, but after two months of depression, she thought that smoking helped her calm down. I never really liked it, but if I ever told her to stop, she'll just hit me. After she finished hitting me, she left to the backyard to smoke. She wasn't like a parent who smoked in front of her kids. She liked going out side to do that. She didn't want her kids to get second hand smoke.By kids I mean, my little brother Josh, and I. Josh was 5 years old, and he was deaf. He was a weird and mysterious little boy. Josh soon came into the room. He signed "Can we go out and get ice cream?" I smiled a little bit. I signed back "Of course we can Joshy-kins." I closed my laptop, got my iPhone, my bag, and car keys, and went downstairs. I was holding onto Joshes hand, went to the car, opened the passengers door, put Josh in his car seat, walked to my seat, and drove out of the driveway. When we arrived, I texted my best friend Alex to come meet us at Basket Robbins.

Alex- Which one?

Me- The one at the corner of your street.

Alex- Kay, I'll be there in five minutes.

Me- Hurry.

While she was on her way here, we ordered our ice creams. Josh got a one scoop of cookies and cream in a cup, and I got a one scoop of the snickered flavored ice cream. Literally 10 seconds after we got our ice cream, Alex came in. She signed "Hi" to Josh, and just said "Hi" to me. Alex, being my best friend and all, learned how to sign just to be able to communicate with Josh. She liked talking- well signing with him, because he was a good listener and loved when she can make him happy. We talked for a while, then I ordered my mom an ice cream, a one scoop of cookies and cream. then we went outside to get home. Alex came with us to our house. I gave my mom her ice cream, then went into my room. Alex had slept over that day.

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