Summer Love'

Jasmin, had been abused at times by her mom. Nothing to serious, only small bruises. Her dad had died when she was just 7 years old. One day she meets a dirty blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. but there are some obstacles in the way. Will love grow ? Will fights happen ? Will the band split up ? read to find out !!! (PS. Zayn is single in this fanfic and this is my first fan fiction.)


3. I lost her......

Jasmin's POV:

After the concert was done, we decided to get some food again. because we were hungry. OBVIOUSLY. Well, yeah we went to Nando's to get some food. I ordered the Peri Peri chicken and Alex orded the same thing. So we were eating when all of a sudden, we heard screehing screams. I flinched at the sound of it, and I guess Alex found out and she told me to calm down. she then walked away, to go get some more soda. Then the thought hit me, they're coming to nandos. Then, I felt hands around my eyes. I tyed screaming, but I accidently inhaled the gas, and blacked out.....


Alex's POV:

omg. omg. omg. THE One Direction is in Nandos ! OMG. Wait, where did Jasmin go ? Great, now I have to find her when all I want to do is take pictures with One Direction and like get their autographs and stuff. Wait, why don't I ask them if they can help me look for her ? Yeah, that sounds better. Hope Jasmin's okay.... So I walked up to them and managed to spill out "Have you seen a girl with a flower print dress, curly hair, kind of pale ?" all they did was stare. "Um, if you see her can you call me?"I said. Okay, what am I doing ? Am I literally just giving One Direction my number? omg. "Sure love, anything to help you find your friend" Harry said with his gorgeous smile. I sort of blushed and then started to walk away. "Wait, you don't want to look for her right now?" Liam said. There goes "Daddy Direction" agian. I giggled to to myself, but didn't know everyone was staring at me. "Umm, yeah. but you boys seems busy, I'll just get going." i said. "Wait! What's your name? Harry said. "And your friends name" Niall said. "My name is Alex, and my friends name is Jasmin. Wich reminds me I better go contact the police.." "We'll help you, we've already finished eating love." Louis said. "Yeah! That'd be awesome! Thank you so much!" I said, well practically yelled. "So where should we start?"  Niall said. "I have no idea..."

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