Summer Love'

Jasmin, had been abused at times by her mom. Nothing to serious, only small bruises. Her dad had died when she was just 7 years old. One day she meets a dirty blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. but there are some obstacles in the way. Will love grow ? Will fights happen ? Will the band split up ? read to find out !!! (PS. Zayn is single in this fanfic and this is my first fan fiction.)


4. I just want to get out of here...


"I have no idea..." i said. Where could she be? I need to find her and QUICK. *30 Minutes Later*  "still no luck" Liam said. "We have to find her, we can't just leave her. We promised Alex we'll find her, and we're going to keep that promise." Niall said. Wow, I have NEVER seen him care so much about a fan. "Okay, so I think we should split up. You know like Alex and Harry go that way, Niall and Louis go the other way, and Liam and I can go back to the Stadium and look for her there." Zayn said. "Awesome idea bro!" Naill said, then high-fived Zayns hand. "So we meet back here in an hour? Oh, and before I forget, because yu guys haven't seen how she looks, I'll send you a picture. Just give me your numbers." I said, sort of nervously, becuase it's One Direction for crying out loud, and also because they wouldn't just give a random fan their phone numbers. "Sure thing love." Laim said, and with that, they all gave me their numbers. "bye!" I said and ran with Harry in the direction Zayn gave us.


I woke up, and was in a room. A dark, and cold room. I think I'm still in Nandos, because I can smell the food from here. I just want to get out of here..... Where is Alex? Is she even looking for me? Is anybody looking for me? I feel so alone. Then, I heard and dorr open and close. I saw somebody running towards me, so I closed my eyes, and hoped that he would go away. But he didn't. I felt strong arms wrap around me, then carry me out of the room. I started to cry, because this mught be the last day of my life, I might get killed. I won;t be able to see my mom, my only friend Alex, and my litttle brother. What would he do with out me?


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