R5 Love story

A love story starring R5


4. We're Dating

"Hey Riker!" Ross screamed. Ross barged into my room while me and Riker were kissing. We looked to see Ross standing in the doorway with his mouth wide open. "Oh my god." He mumbled. Then he ran out of the room screaming Rydel. So we just closed the door and went back to kissing.Three minutes later, Rydel barged into my room. Oh my god, Riker......... Bella, you guys are together oh my god!! Rocky get your butt in here now! Rydel screamed at the top her lungs. "Hey I know where we can go and no one can find us" Riker whispered into my ear. He took my hand and we ran out the door. We went outside and climbed the tallest tree in the backyard . But Rocky found us and got the others and they started to sing, Riker and Bella sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  During that Riker leaned over and whispered into my ear I love you, Bella

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