R5 Love story

A love story starring R5


9. The Wedding

It was my wedding day I was in my room, standing in front of the mirorr in my blue and white dress. Rydel was standing behind me fixing my vail. The music started playing Rydel and my friend from England, Mary ann had all ready start walking down the aisle. I told my little sister to hold the end of my dress as I walked down the aisle. I picked up my bundle of flowers and proudily walked down the aisle. I looked at Riker and his two best men, Ross and Rocky of course. Finally I got to the front of the church. I faced Riker. Riker lifted the vail from my face. "Riker, do you take Bella Sterling to be your awfully wedded wife?" The pastor asked. "I do." Riker replied. " And Bella do you take Riker Lynch to be your awfully wedded husband? The pastor asked. "I do." I replied. "You may now kiss the bride." The pastor anocced. Riker and I locked lips. We were married



The End Of Book One

Stay tuned for R5 Love story II


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