R5 Love story

A love story starring R5


8. The Big step

We got ready to perform backstage. We walked out on to stage *3 hours later* We walked on for our ancore. I picked up the microphone. "Wait, Bella!" Riker screamed. Ross walked past him pretending to to plug in his guitar into the amp, and he handed Riker something. "Yes Rikey?" I replied. Riker put his bass down on the stand and got on one knee. "Bella, ever since we started dating I've felt different. And I want to feel that way forever." Riker said. He opened a small box. "Bella will you marry me?" He asked. Oh Riker yes I will marry you" I replied. He sliped the ring around my finger. I hugged him. "Ross, Hit it!" Riker told Ross. Ross played Had me @ Hello by Olivia Holt. Me and Riker sang it as a duet.


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