R5 Love story

A love story starring R5


2. Meeting the R5 family

I walked into the house, 5 teenagers ran up to me. Most of them had blond hair, but three didn't. Riker introduced me to all of them." Who the new girl, is she your new girlfriend?" A tall blond girl asked Riker ." No, Rydel, she our new bassist." "Wait dude, who said we where getting an another bassist." said another one. I looked over to him, I recognized him in an blink of an eye. He was Ross Lynch from Austin & Ally. Just then Riker asked me if I needed something." No, I'm fine I just need to know where my room is." I said. Down the hall to the right. I thanked Riker and took my bass from his hand. I walked into my room, it was practicaly made for me. Red with black details on the walls, just as I was getting my bass out to practice I heard a knock at my door. "Come in" I comanded. It was Riker, he also had his bass too. "Hey Bella, why don't you come down to the basement. Oh and bring your bass too." So, I put my bass around me and headed down to the basement. When I got down the whole band was waiting for me." So, Bella let see what you got" Ross said. "Okay, play Ready set Rock, if you still know how to play it." I said. The music started to play, I made it thorough the first half of the the song then I twirled and lost my balance. Luckily, Riker caught me in time, I looked up into Riker's light green eyes, and he looked into mine. I heard Rydel whisper to Ross, Rocky,and Rattliff. Dinner is ready, Mrs.Lynch called, we all headed upstairs instead of going to the dining room with the rest of the band. I headed to my room, "Hey Bell, where are you going?" Riker asked me."Oh I'm going to my room I'm going to unpack a little." I replied. "Oh well I'll stop by your room later to check on you. Riker replied. I said okay and walked into my room I took my bass stand out of my suitcase. I decided to unpack my other instruments later. I sat on my plain bed and thought to myself , oh my god I'm in love with Riker  

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