R5 Love story

A love story starring R5


1. A new band member

I arrived in L.A. to meet my new bandmates. My old band booted me because I was too good for them.So I moved on to a bigger and better band,R5. The Bassist, Riker sent me a text to meet me at the cafe. And since I was on a plane for 5 hours I decided to get something to eat. Just after I entered the Cafe I saw boy with blond hair holding a sign with my name on it. I walked over to him, "Are you Bella? he asked me? "Yeah, Are you Riker Lynch? I asked him. He nodded. He also took my bass case from my hand and opened it. "Wow a red bass by fender, this must have cost you a fortune" he said. Okay, I just spend 5 hours on a plane can we go now" I said impatinliy. We left the airport to go met the other bandmates.

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