~Nobody compares~

Tori is just an average teenage girl, working in a small coffee shop with a boss that is a jerk. When she runs into teen heartthrob Harry styles, he doesn't get the normal reaction he expects from her, which makes him like her even more. Read to find out what she does, and the risks she takes throughout the story. Is it worth it in the end, does she do the right thing? Or does she risk it all for nothing?


1. Work flow

"Tori, you can leave in about 20 minutes... Oh and can you close up for me?" Mindy, my boss said to me. "Sure, why not." I replied. "It's not like I have anywhere to be.." I mumbled. "Great, im leaving. I'll see you tomorrow morning at 6:00" mindy said grabbing her coat to leave. "what? but my shift doesn't start until 7....?" i asked. "i need you to get here early so that you can open." she said firmly. i nodded in agreement, even though it made me mad. she always asked me to come to work early for no reason. she just hated me. I'm Tori and I am 17, when school starts back after summer break, i will be a senior in high school. I work at a small coffee shop called Jitters on the corner of a street in manhattan. We were Always packed during the night, because It was a hot spot for all the teens in town, and my friends always come to see me at the hell hole i call work. For some reason we werent really busy tonight, and we only had one customer left in the shop. It was about nine when i looked at my watch. I wanted to get home and sleep, I had been working all day. I leaned against the counter and stared at the man sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper. I hoped he would see me staring at him, and maybe he would get the hint that I wanted him to leave. But he didn't, and after about ten minutes I spoke up. "Sir, I'm going to be closing up soon, so could you leave in the next 5 minutes?" I tried not to sound rude, but it didn't work. He stood up, and rushed out the door. He seemed mad, but I didn't care. I got home and tried to be quiet going into my house, so I wouldn't wake my mom. I only lived with her since my dad and her split 3 years ago. "Tori, where have you been? I thought your shift ended an hour ago" she shouted from the kitchen. Guess she was awake. "Uhh well I had to close up and stuff" I said. She mumbled something, but I couldn't tell what. I went up the stairs to shower and go to sleep. I knew I had another long day ahead of me tomorrow.
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