~Nobody compares~

Tori is just an average teenage girl, working in a small coffee shop with a boss that is a jerk. When she runs into teen heartthrob Harry styles, he doesn't get the normal reaction he expects from her, which makes him like her even more. Read to find out what she does, and the risks she takes throughout the story. Is it worth it in the end, does she do the right thing? Or does she risk it all for nothing?


15. Talk it out

So today I realized I really did have feelings for Harry. I sat on my bed and looked over at the picture of me and my bestfriend on the table beside my bed. I knew I had to tell Sarah, I couldn't hide it anymore. I called her on my phone. "Hey tori" she answered. "Hey girl, can you come over? I really have to tell you something." I mumbled. "Uhm, sure"

About 20 minutes later I heard her walk up the stairs, and she came into my room with a big smile on her face. "Hey" she said. I smiled back at her. I didn't want to hurt her, I knew how much she liked Harry, but he didn't even know her. And I didn't know how to tell her this so I came out and said it, "Sarah I'm so sorry, your going to hate me, but me and Harry have feelings for each other. And I have been hanging out with him. And I didn't know you had feelings for him when I agreed to go out with him. I know you hate me, but your my bestfriend and always will be" I mumbled. I looked at her face for a second, her emotions changing. At first it was mad, but then it looked sympathetic, now it looks annoyed. "Say something?" I asked. "I'm just shocked, but I'm actually happy for you. If I can't have him you should. Your way prettier than me anyways..." She dragged on. "Sarah don't say that, your gorgeous." I reassured her. She sighed, and walked over and hugged me. "You will always be my bestfriend too" she mumbled. "So.... You should stay over here tonight. I have to go to a one direction concert tomorrow and Harry is picking me up at 3. I don't know what to wear or anything." I said, standing up to stretch. "OHMYGOSHWHAT" Sarah screamed. "Your so lucky! Of course I will! If you promise to get me an autograph." She smiled. "Of course" I told her. She was too obsessed with them. I'm glad she isn't mad at me though. She really is a great friend. "I cannot believe my BESTFRIEND knows Harry styles and is going to a one direction concert. Omfg I can't even right now" she said. She was literally freaking out. "I don't see how you will be able to breathe." She squealed. "They're people... Just like you and me. So it's not that hard" I informed her. "It is though . It's one direction!" "Whatever" I mumbled. "Hey let's go watch a movie" I said trying to change the subject. "Okay!" She exclaimed. We walked downstairs and put a movie in, and sat on the couch. I looked over at Sarah who was falling asleep, so I pulled a blanket over me and shut my eyes.

"Tori wake up!" Sarah screamed shaking me. I opened my eyes and jumped when I saw her, she was so close and her makeup was run down her face. It looked like Halloween makeup. "Thanks" she mumbled after I jumped. "Ha, trust me, I don't look any better" I told her reassuringly. "I FREAKING KNOW THAT'S WHY I HAVE TO GET YOU READY!" She screamed pulling me up. "Ready for what! It's like 6 in the morning!" I said. "No, it's 1 in the afternoon! Harry will be here in 2 hours to get you!" I looked at the clock and shot up. "How did I sleep this long!" I screamed. "We both did! Now come on!" Sarah shrieked trying to pull me up the stairs. "Holdup, I haven't eaten. Harry can wait." I said walking into the kitchen. "Fine, it's not my fault you will look gross" Sarah said giving in. "Yeah whatever, want some Cheerios?" I asked her. She shook her head. "Suit yourself" I shrugged. She sat and watched me eat, it was very uncomfortable. When I finished the last bite she grabbed my bowl and shoved it into the sink and dragged me upstairs. "We're on a tight schedule" she mumbled. "I'll just throw on some sweatpants" I said. "Are you crazy?! No! You won't!" She sat me down on the bed and went inside my closet to pick me out something to wear. While I waited I tried to go back to sleep knowing she would be a while. "Here, go put this on." She threw something at me. I stood up and shook my head. "I don't want to wear this" I said. It was a casual white dress, but it was cute. I just didn't feel like wearing it. "Umm, I didn't studder. GO CHANGE. Your wearing it. With these black heels and a thin black belt to wear around the waist line. Now go, hurry" I finally gave in, and went to change. I came out and tied the belt around the waist of my dress. "Awww! You look cute!" She said. "Well what your wearing does. Let me fix your hair and makeup then you will be ready to take on that concert" I didn't even know what she meant by that, I looked in the mirror "what's wrong with my hair" I said, it was still wavy from yesterday. "I'm curling it, duh" Sarah stated. "Honey, you have to look your best for Harry. And your meeting one direction. You have to look hotter than hot. Now come on" I sat down in a chair as she curled my hair and put my makeup on. She wouldn't let me look at myself yet. "Done! Wait one more thing" Sarah said. She walked over and grabbed a tube of lipstick out of her purse. She opened it and I saw it was red. "Are you insane! I'm not wearing red lipstick! Gross! I'll look like a clown." I shouted. "Your so annoying, put that lipgloss on then" she said. I put some on and smiled at her. "You love me" I said cheesing at her. "Shut up, your a pain in the ass" she said. She handed me the black heels and I put them on an stood up. "Aww! I did great! Dang. You look super pretty!" She said, over pleased with herself. "Yeah yeah, can I look now!" I asked. "Sure." She smiled. I turned around and looked at myself. She really did do a good job, i looked better than normal. I nodded in approval and we went downstairs.
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