~Nobody compares~

Tori is just an average teenage girl, working in a small coffee shop with a boss that is a jerk. When she runs into teen heartthrob Harry styles, he doesn't get the normal reaction he expects from her, which makes him like her even more. Read to find out what she does, and the risks she takes throughout the story. Is it worth it in the end, does she do the right thing? Or does she risk it all for nothing?


21. Not so great

"Harry" i mumbled in a groggy morning voice. I smiled and rolled over to look at what was pushed up against me. I frowned as I realized it was just a pillow, And Harry had left and gone back on tour now. I frowned and rubbed my eyes to glance and the time. "I don't want to go to work" I whined, getting up to get ready. I noticed i had one new message from harry 'goodmorning love (: i hope you slept well, i miss you like crazy' I tossed my hair up in a messy bun and applied light makeup, before heading out the door. "Bye mom ill see you later" I shouted. I went and got in my car and replied back to Harry 'I miss you more :(' As I walked into work I spotted mindy fussing at josh, one of my bestfriends, and my co-worker. "Why are you always late! And you didn't show up yesterday and nobody was here besides me! Do you know how busy it was?!" She screamed. "Probably not mindy since he WASN'T here" I snapped. Josh laughed and waved at me "I've missed you!" He said, hugging me. "Tori! I can not believe you have the nerve to say that to me especially because you have blown off work to be with that stupid boy of yours. I get that you have a new boy toy, but that's no reason to leave me working by myself!" She screamed. I quickly spun my head around, not even attempting to keep a quiet tone of voice. "hold the fuck up!! first of all, that is my boyfriend you are talking about. So I would suggest you stop bad mouthing him before you really piss me off. And second, how do you even know about that?" I said, trying to stay calm. "It's all over e news and twitter. It's really annoying actually." She mumbled. "Whatever, I can go home if you are going to treat me like this. i never do anything to you and you treat me like shit. I have been super happy this past week until yesterday and i dont need you making me feel worse" I said. "Im sorry. but you have already laid out of work enough" she snapped, attention now towards the customer that just walked in. I grabbed josh and pulled him in the back when a customer walked in. "Dude! You are the only person I know who would talk to our boss like that! And I'm so happy for you! Your dating HARRY STYLES!" He said, acting like a fangirl. "It kind of slipped out. But thanks! I wish you could have met him." I said. "Is he gone now?" He asked. "Yeah, he left yesterday, he went back on tour. He won't be back for a few months" I said, frowning. "Oh that sucks, but I bet Sarah is so jealous" he laughed. "Well that's another story!" I shook my head. "But now she's cool about it and happy for me. Im glad, I thought she was never going to talk to me again. But you would like him, he's so sweet." "Awwww" he said. I blushed. "We better go back out front before mindy pitches another fit" he said. I nodded.

*2 months later*
"Toriiiiii!" Harry shouted as his face appeared on my FaceTime screen. "I miss you!" He whined. "I miss you too baby! How's the tour going?" I asked. "Great! It's so fun. I can't wait to come back to New York in a month. Will it be snowing?" He asked getting excited. "Probably, it snows a lot in December." Harry grinned "good." "Tori!" Niall and Louis screamed grabbing the phone. "Hey guys" I said. "I miss you!" Louis said. "I miss you too". "I can't wait to come back to New York!" Niall shouted "yeah I can't wait for you guys to come" I mumbled. Harry grabbed the phone back. "Baby, my phone is on 3% so ill call you later" he said. "I love you" "Love you too Harry". He kissed two fingers and touched the camera, before ending the call. I set my phone down on the table and went to sleep. It was 1am, because of the time differences it was always hard to talk to Harry. That was the last I heard from him for a while.

*1 month later*

To be honest, I didn't even know where me and Harry stood. He hadn't said anything to me in 3 weeks, didn't even text me back. I have talked to Niall some and he said Harry had just been busy. To busy for me I guess. I was really excited for them to come to New York. They are supposed to be here today. I don't know if I will even see him though, he won't even text me back.

*2 days later*

"Hello?" I asked answering my phone. "Tori! I have missed you so much! Me and the boys have the day off. I thought we could meet up and go around New York or something." Niall said. I was happy to hear his voice, but I really just wanted to talk to Harry. "Yeah! That would be great! Does Harry want to come?" I asked. "Ermm. Well he walked around yesterday with some friends and he is pretty tired. So he said he is staying at the hotel..." Niall murmured. "Can I just talk to him? He has been acting really strange lately and I need to know what's going on.." "I'm not with him. But I'll tell him to call you or something, alright?" He said. "Ok.. " i mumbled. "But hey, I'll come pick you up in about a hour. We can go somewhere and do something. The rest of the boys sorta ditched me. But they told me to tell you they miss you!" He exclaimed. "Alright, see you then" I was hoping this would be too awkward. Me and Niall were the closest out of the boys. But i would rather be doing something with Harry today. I needed to find out what was happening.

I glanced in the mirror for one last check before leaving. I was wearing a white button up jacket, a black and white scarf, jeans, and black steve maddens. I ran to the door before giving Niall a huge hug. "It feels like I haven't seen you in forever!" I said. "I know I missed you!" We ran to the car. It was freezing and cloudy, looked like it was gonna snow. "So where do you want to go?" I asked him. "I thought we could go get lunch somewhere or something." He smiled. "Okay sounds good". About 30 minutes later the driver dropped us off near Times Square. "I'll call you later, yeah?" Niall told him. "Yes sir" he said, as if Niall was a king. "Don't you think people will notice you?" I asked. "I don't know, it looks pretty busy, ill blend in." I laughed, "maybe you should put your hood up" I suggested, trying to push through the busy streets of New York. He nodded, "I'm starving, lets eat" Niall whined. "We can go to Sardis, it's a good restaurant about two blocks from here" I said. we walked through, the traffic not as bad now. "Look at his hat!" Niall shouted in laughter, pointing to a small Asian man running a news stand. He had a huge clown hat on, in attempt to stay warm. We both started laughing as something caught my eye. I pulled Niall over to the newsstand with me. I snatched the paper up and read the heading. "Harry styles and Taylor swift dating?" I shouted. "That's the headline of this paper! It has a picture of them in Central Park! Is this why he won't talk to me Niall?" I almost shouted. I tried to fight my tears back, I didn't even know what to think. "Tori please, I wanted to tell you sooner. Lets get to the restaurant and ill tell you everything." Niall said, empathetically. I nodded and rushed to get there, trying to face away so Niall couldn't see I was crying. We walked in and sat down and a two person booth. "Oh my, Are you crying?" Niall asked. "No" I snapped. Niall handed me a napkin as I wiped my eyes clear. "I just want to know the truth Niall" I mumbled, trying to stop crying. "Okay, you deserve to hear it.. Taylor texted Harry about three weeks ago and told him how good of a singer she thought he was and how much she enjoyed our music. Harry has had a crush on her forever and he was so excited to get a text from her. Anyways, they started talking, frequently, we all told him to stop and that it wasn't right. That you don't deserve that and he said he loves you too much to break up with you. He said he just wanted to be friends with Taylor. But she apparently wanted to be closer. He was too ignorant to see it. They had planned to meet up yesterday, because she was coming to New York at the same time for the jingle ball too. So they did, and they walked around Central Park yesterday together. And went to the zoo. Thats where that picture came from i guess. Taylor apparently kissed him, he said. And he said he didn't know she was going to, and he said he felt bad for letting her. That's all I know. But he won't come out of his room. Or talk a lot. So I don't know what's going on with him. But that's all I know. I'm so sorry" Niall said. I could barely speak. This was a lot to take in, but it all made sense to me now. She is way prettier than me and so much more successful, he would be stupid not to go for her. But he should have just ended it instead of leaving me hanging. A couple tears rolled down my cold checks, I held back the tears, it wasn't worth it. Niall came and sat beside me, and rubbed my back. "Thanks for telling me. Will you tell Harry that it's over, and I'm sorry I wasn't good enough" I mumbled. "Tori, you are beautiful. And you are funny, and a great person. you don't deserve that, so don't put yourself down. But I will tell him. He said he didn't want to text you when Taylor started texting him, because he didn't know what to do. He was being stupid tori." I nodded, " I know. Thanks Niall" I said hugging him. The waiter came to take our order and we talked until our food came, he told me about touring, and all the crazy experiences. We were about to leave when he received a phone call. I walked away so he could be in private. A few minutes later he walked over to me and we left. "I am so sorry, something came up and I have to go. I will drop you off at home. We will go out again in a couple days I promise. I'm sorry again" he said. "It's okay, I need time to think anyways." I mumbled. The driver picked us up and we drove to my house. "Thanks for lunch, and for everything Niall. You are a great friend" I said hugging him and getting out of the car. "I'll tell Harry, you have my number if you need anything. Ill text you tomorrow and we will talk. Bye!" He said. I closed the door and ran inside my house. All I could do was collapse on my couch and let go all the tears I had forced back for so long. It had been a rough day.
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