~Nobody compares~

Tori is just an average teenage girl, working in a small coffee shop with a boss that is a jerk. When she runs into teen heartthrob Harry styles, he doesn't get the normal reaction he expects from her, which makes him like her even more. Read to find out what she does, and the risks she takes throughout the story. Is it worth it in the end, does she do the right thing? Or does she risk it all for nothing?


19. Making decisions

As we pulled up to my house Harry put the car in park and looked over at me. "Well I guess I'll see you later" he mumbled. But I knew he was lying because he wouldn't want to see me after this.. He hated me. I had to fix it. "Harry?" I asked. He looked over at me, eyes full of sorrow. "I really like you too. I never got the chance to tell you that earlier, and, and-" I forced myself to say it. "And I really would like to be your girlfriend, if you still wanted me too.. I'm sorry for acting the way I did. I guess I was just shocked you actually asked me that. So..." I trailed off. He started to smile. "I care about you a lot, I'm sorry If I acted rude earlier. I was just hurt. But I would love for you to be my girlfriend" he said, grabbing my hand. "I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you." "It's okay, but just know that I will never cheat on you" he said with a raspy voice. "I hope not" I smiled. "Do you want to come in?" I asked. "My mom is on a trip for work" I added. "Sure. I don't really want to deal with the boys tonight anyways." Harry laughed, reaching over to turn off the engine. He reached behind him to get his bag. I looked outside and saw it was raining, and It was starting to rain hard. Harry's car was pretty far from the door too. "Oh no" I laughed. "Let's make a run for It on three" Harry said. "One, two, th-" "Wait!!" I cut him off. "Sorry, okay now go" I laughed. "Alright" he chuckled "one, two, three!" He screamed. I opened my door and waited for Harry to come around to my side as we ran across the lawn to go inside. We finally about reached the steps when he stopped me. "Wait!" Harry shouted. "Yeah?" I asked. I looked up at him, he looked so beautiful in the rain. His curls were wet, and raindrops fell off the ends of them. His eyelashes were wet and his eyes glistened. I smiled at him as he spoke. "You know how we haven't had our first kiss yet?" He asked. "Yeah, I do" I mumbled. "I think it would be a great story to tell and very romantic, if that first kiss was in the rain." He spoke. I nodded, and his big hands were placed on my face, as he crushed his lips onto mine. It felt perfect. I slowly pulled away, "that was so perfect" I mumbled. "I know, just like the movies" Harry smirked. "Now lets get inside!" I said grabbing his arm and pulling him inside. We walked upstairs into my room and he pulled off his bag and jacket. His white tshirt was stuck to his body, and I could see the outline of his abs. He laughed, do you have a dryer? He asked. Yeah, it's downstairs, the room beside the kitchen. "Do you need clothes? I have some sweatpants.. They might be a little small for you but they could work" I mumbled. He laughed, "No babe, I have clothes in my bag. I just need to dry my wet ones." "Oh okay. Well I'm going to go shower, there's another bathroom down the hall if you want to shower too" I said. He smiled, "alright" he said walking our of the room. I closed the door and went into my bathroom to take a shower. All I could think about is how happy that boy made me. Being around him felt so perfect. I can't believe I almost lost him, after I turned him down. Which was so stupid. I was just confused. But Harry only had one more full day to be with me, before he left to go back on tour. I didn't want to think about it though, all I knew was tomorrow we had to have some fun. Ill just call in sick to work tomorrow. I finished my shower and got out to dry off. I quickly grabbed my phone and remembered I had to do something, text Sarah. 'So me and Harry are official now, he asked me to be his girlfriend (:' I said. She quickly responded. 'YOUR LIFE IS A FAIRYTALE. Your so lucky :/' 'Hes so sweet. I really care about him, he makes me so happy' I said, realizing I was smiling as I sent the text. 'Im glad, you needed someone like him in your life. He really seems to care about you. oh but your all over twitter!! I saw you guys in Central Park (; ' she said. 'What?!?' I quickly opened my twitter and had over 100k notifications. And a bunch of new followers. I opened a link to a picture and it was of me and Harry talking in Central Park, holding hands. How did someone get this? There wasn't really anyone in the park with us? This was crazy. I closed out of it and put my sweatpants and tshirt on as I blow dried my hair. I can't sleep with wet hair so I always dry it. When I finally walked out I saw Harry lying on the floor with a blanket and pillow watching tv. "Why are you on the floor?" I asked, trying to hold back the laughter. "I didn't want you to be in a awkward position, so I'm down here" he said. "Aww, thanks. But you can come sit in bed with me while we watch a movie before you go to bed if you want." I said. He grinned, "sure!" He jumped up to sit in bed, pulling the blanket over him. "What movie are we watching?" I asked as I went to my hair dresser to brush my hair. "Napoleon dynamite I think" Harry said. I started laughing "are we really watching this!" I asked "I haven't ever seen it, do you not like it?" He asked. "No! It's hilarious." I said. I walked over and got in bed beside him. He put his arm around me as we watched the movie.

I woke up and felt someone's arm around me. I turned over and saw Harry. "What" he mumbled slowly opening his eyes. "Oh my gosh I didn't mean to stay here all night. I fell asleep" he confessed. His morning voice was so hot, I couldn't be mean to him. "It's okay, you kept me warm" I smiled. He softly pecked me on the lips and stretched his arms. "Do you want to go make breakfast?" I suggested. "Yeah" he smiled. I got up and we walked downstairs. "What do you want?" I asked. "Cereal is fine" he said, walking to the pantry. After we ate we talked about what we wanted to do today. "Do you have any meetings or anything?" I asked. "No, I have it off. So I can spend my last day with my girl. " he smiled. "Well what would you like to do?" I asked. "I don't know. Take me to see New York" he said. "I can do that" I smiled. We went and got ready to go out for the day. Harry had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to see the Empire State Building, so that's where i thought I would take him. We finally left and headed towards the city. We had to park a few blocks away because there was no parking. "Do you not think people will notice you?" I asked. "I hope not" Harry said. He pulled his hood up over my head and came to let me out. He stopped me before I could step out, "by the way, you look very pretty today tori" he said. "Thank you" I blushed. "You look very cute today" I replied. "Cute enough to get a kiss?" He asked. "Mhmm" I mumbled. After we kissed I got out and he took my hand as we walked to the Empire State Building. Lucky for us, nobody spotted Harry. We walked in and went up to security. It wasn't very crowded. I saw lots of families and some couples but that was it. "Ready?" I said as we finally stepped on to the elevator. "No" Harry mumbled. "I hate elevators, and this one goes super fast" he confessed. I pulled him in for a hug as we went up. "I got you" I said kissing him on the cheek. He squeezed me and nuzzled into my neck as we went up in the elevator. The doors finally opened and we stepped off. We walked around the corner and saw a group of people getting ready to get on the elevator. "Oh my god!" A couple girls squealed. "Harry styles!! Harry styles!" They rushed over to us. I backed away some so that I wouldn't get in the way. "Can we have your autograph? Will you take a picture with us!" They screamed. "Hello, of course " he said. He looked over to me and smiled. One of the girls looked at me, "ummm" she stared at her phone "did you want me to take the picture?" I said stepping over to grab the camera. "Yes" she snapped. I took a few and handed it back to her, "please don't tell anyone else that I'm up here" Harry said after he hugged them goodbye. "We won't, thank you!" They said getting on the elevator. "Sorry" Harry said. "Why are you apologizing?! I think it's cute you do that. A lot of pop stars don't, they think they are too good for fans. It's very sweet you do that, and never change that. Because even though its just another fan to you, it's their dream for them to meet you" I told him. He grinned and pulled me in for a hug. "Your amazing tori" he said. I laughed, "come on, lets go" I said, grabbing his hand as we walked outside to look at the view. "Woahhh" Harry blurted out when we walked to the wall. "You can see everything" "Yeah, that's kinda the point" I giggled. He rolled his eyes. We both stood there for a few minutes, Harry pulled me beside him and I rested my head on his chest. "I don't want to leave" he mumbled. "What?" I said, glancing up at him. "Tomorrow, we go back on tour remember. We don't come back to New York for another 4 months. I don't want to leave.. You. I just wish you could come with us. I can't last that long without you." He confessed. "Oh yeah, I forgot you go tomorrow... I'm going to miss you so much Harry." I leaned back on his chest. He kissed my forehead, "I know babe." I tried so hard not to cry, this was what I was afraid of. He would forget about me, four months is a long time. "You ready?" I asked. "Yeah I think so" he mumbled grabbing my hand as we walked inside to the elevator. He squeezed my hands as we went down the elevator, both of us quiet after realizing this was our last day together for a long time. "Well I want to have fun the last day we have left, so cheer up babe, lets have some fun" he smirked. "Alright , I guess" I smiled. He leaned in and kissed me as we stepped out of the elevator. We walked out into the hallway when we heard screming and saw lots of girls faces pressed against the glass. we quickly stepped down a side hallway and saw familiar faces come around the corner. "Hey guys!" Niall yelled. "Harry!" Louis chirped. "What are you doin here?" He asked. "Hey!" Harry and I said at the same time. He looked at me and smiled, "jinx you owe me a pop." He joked. "What's a pop!?" I asked. "A.. Soda?" Harry stated. "Oh I haven't heard that term before" I confessed. "We'll a kiss will work too" he smiled. "I know what that one is" I said stepping on my tip toes to kiss him. "Woahhhhh" zayn said. "Keep It PG guys!" Liam snapped. "Wait are you guys like dating now?" Niall asked. "Yeah" I blushed. "Awwwwww" Louis screamed. I laughed. "You guys are stupid. And explain all of this out front!" Harry said. "What? Ohhhh the girls" Louis laughed. "Yeah I wouldn't use the front door" zayn said. "We just came to see it, it's our last day you know" "Yeah well you could try to be a little less noticeable. How are me and tori going to walk 3 blocks to the car?!" He snapped. "Sorry man" Niall said, patting Harry on the back. Harry rolled his eyes, "I'll see you guys later." He said. "Bye guys! And congrats you two are cute together!" They shouted. Harry grabbed my hand and we went out the back of the building to go to his car. Luckily, nobody spotted us. We went out for lunch and then drove around for some sight seeing. "Well I guess I will take you home now?" Harry said. I nodded. "Or you could come help me pack my bags, then ill take you home after? Pleaseeee" he begged. "Only because I can't say no to you" I smiled. "But won't there be like a bunch of girls out front of your hotel?" "It's okay, they can't get near us or inside the hotel. We have security." He said. "Okay" I mumbled. Harry parked his car and we walked up to the front of the hotel, hurrying to get inside past all the flashing cameras and screaming girls. He opened the door for me as we went inside. "I think my ear drums are busted" "Mine too" Harry laughed. We stepped off the elevator and he pulled me back. "Wait, close your eyes so I can straighten it up for a minute." I shut my eyes as he led me inside the door. I immediately opened my eyes and laughed. "Harry! This is awful". "Hey! You weren't supposed to open your eyes!" He said. "Yeah but I did, why is it so messy!" I giggled. The bed covers were on the floor and there were clothes everywhere. "Well... Yesterday morning my socks weren't on when I woke up so I had to take the bed covers off to get them. Then I couldn't decide what to wear, I had to look nice since I was seeing you" he blushed. "Well I guess that's a good reason." I smiled. "Nialls room is worse!" He laughed, picking up the clothes. He reached over and pulled a white shirt off the floor as I sat in the bed. He took his shirt off, I couldn't help but stare at his toned abs. I caught myself smiling, and so did Harry. He walked over and sat beside me "take a picture, it will last longer" he smirked. I playfully hit him on the arm. "Wow, I didn't notice how many tattoos you had". "Yeah" Harry laughed. "Do those not hurt? Why do you have so many? Why do you want them?" I asked, confused. "Woah, easy on the questions" he laughed "but i don't know, they're cool." He said. "You have beautiful skin, I like it better without all of the tattoos. Look how pretty this arm is" I said, grabbing his right arm and kissing his toned muscle. "I'm sorry, I won't get any more tattoos, just for you." He said. "Promise?" I asked. "Promise" he said kissing me. We leaned back on the bed, and he pulled me on top of him, as he reached down to take of my shirt. "Hey, we really need to get you packed." I said climbing off of him. "Come lie down just a few more minutes, please?" He asked. "Okay, fine" I said. He pulled the covers open as I crawled in. He wrapped his arms around me, facing each other, inches apart. "I have something to confess." He said. "Yeah?" I asked, unsure of what he would say. "I uhh... think I'm in love with you." He mumbled. His hot breath made me squirm, and when he said that I completely melted inside. I grabbed him and hugged him tight. "I think I'm in love with you too." I said. I fisted his curls and smiled. We stayed like that for a few minutes until he pulled back and I saw he was crying. "Harry!" I exclaimed. "I'm sorry, I just don't want to leave you tomorrow. It's going to be so hard. I rested my head on his chest. "I know" I mumbled.
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