~Nobody compares~

Tori is just an average teenage girl, working in a small coffee shop with a boss that is a jerk. When she runs into teen heartthrob Harry styles, he doesn't get the normal reaction he expects from her, which makes him like her even more. Read to find out what she does, and the risks she takes throughout the story. Is it worth it in the end, does she do the right thing? Or does she risk it all for nothing?


6. Is it worth it?

That night i thought about Harry as i was trying To get to sleep. Maybe I shouldn't have been so mean to him. I felt like a jerk. But I knew exactly what he was doing. He just would play me and I would get heartbroken again. But what if he didnt? what if he really liked me? my heart was beating fast. was i getting feelings for him? i couldnt take it anymore. i needed to see him again to find out if i really did have feelings for him. but where would i see him? i tried to het him off my mind so i could get to sleep. i was not looking forwards to work in the morning. At about 1am my phone was ringing. "Hello?" I asked. It was my bestfriend Sarah. "Tori!! Oh my gosh you will never believe this. Guess who I just saw walking out of the bar I was in." She said really fast. "Who.....?" I asked. I hoped it wasn't who I thought it was. "HARRY FREAKING STYLES! and he held the door open for me as I walked out and everything! I felt like a princess! Can you believe this?!?! I hope I see him again! I'm going to the bar again tomorrow night, maybe he will be there again. Do you think he will? I'm in loveeeee!" She shrieked. What the hell. I didn't even know what to say. My heart sunk into my chest. I don't have feelings for him anymore, I couldn't. Sarah just said she was in love with him. But She only said two words to him. Is that even possible. I snapped back into reality when Sarah started screaming at me. "Tori! Hello! TORI!!!" "Yeah sorry, but uhh.......... uhhh....." I tried to force words out of my mouth, but I couldn't even talk. "Uhh what!!!" She snapped "sorry, that's cool. That's great. I'm happy for you. But in love? How? You barely saw him and didn't even like have a conversation." I said. "We connected tori, it was like love at first sight. I feel it. Fate will bring us together again. It's meant to be. I know it is. Trust me." She said drifting off. She has been my bestfriend since second grade. And I would do anything for her. But sometimes, she acts like an idiot. And this, was one of those times. I didn't even know what to say. I could barely speak. 'Should I tell her about me and Harry? No. What was I thinking. There is no me and Harry. Tori, snap out of it. Be happy for your BESTFRIEND. Let her have him' I thought to myself. "Sarah, I'm going to sleep. I have to be up early to go to work. See ya" I said. "Alright, I might stop by and see you in the morning. We can talk" she said. "Alright, bye"
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