Electric Girl

A normal high school student discovers she is not like everybody else and uncovers a whole new world with a whole new companion.


2. The Trigger


By all the looks I got I figured that everyone knew about Mr. Hottie-that’s what Erin called him- and his search for me. As I walked down junior hall, the girls looked like they were ready to attack me and the guys, well the guys just stared. I looked at the clock; we still had 12 minutes left. I couldn’t wait any longer; I had to find him. I started to weigh my options. I could walk down senior hall and ask around but what would I say? Hi, I’m Laura. Do you know where that new kid is? I could ask the other people in my grade, but that’s likely to end in a girl caused injury. It’s not like I asked a hot 18 year-old to drop down from heaven and be my BF. But it would be nice.

          “Laura, Laura! Erin, come ‘ere!” I glanced over and saw Taylor motioning us to come to her locker which was right next to Erin’s. I didn’t want to waste time but I also didn’t know what to do. Taylor would know. She always does. Just as we got over to her she started bombarding us with questions.

          “OMG”. She squealed “I am so jealous. So are you guys going out? Did you recognize him from somewhere….like your childhood?! Is he really hot cuz you know I really didn’t get to see him yet? Oh! Did you guys kiss? I’m so jealous!”

          “Taylor” I said trying to get her attention.

          “OMG! You guys are totally gonna be the cutest couple. Oh! Maybe you’ll be prom king and queen”

          “No way!” Erin interrupted, “That’s mine and Alan’s”

          “Taylor?” I said, a little louder.

          “Oh yeah.” she agreed with Erin “you guys are pretty cute together”       

          “GUYS! Concentrate.” I yelled. I looked around and everyone was staring at me “oops” I whispered then said “I’ve never met him. I don’t know why he’s looking for me and I don’t even know his name. Maybe you could fill me in. I need your help finding him and figuring out what’s happening.”

          Then Erin interjected, “Well I could have told you his name. I found him on Face book remember? I looked forever through other peoples friends until I found him in people you may know

          “Yeah, that would help.” I said with a bit more attitude than I wanted.

          “Well his name is Riley Michell. I love that name don’t you?” she answered cheerfully.

          Ignoring her question I said “Thanks” and turned to Taylor. “What do I do?” I asked her. I needed help finding Mr. Hottie and I only had 10 minutes left.

          “What do we do?” Erin corrected, feeling a little excluded. Then, looking over my shoulder she said. “Scratch that. We have another problem.”

          “What’s that?” I asked. I was worried about what she might say. Then Taylor looked in the direction Erin was looking in and smiled, looking happy instead of worried.

          She looked at Erin and told her, “That’s not a problem, it’s just an untimely gift.” okay, now I was getting confused. I turned around to see what they were looking at and oddly, I blushed. It was Josh. A crush I’ve had since 8th grade who I thought was the hottest junior in the world, especially since he got his braces off. I started thinking about the first time he ever talked to me, I mean really talked. It was the beginning of this year, November. He just walked up to me one day after school and said Hey maybe we should hang out some time. Then I said maybe and walked away. It was out of the blue and even though he wasn’t the only boy to ask me out, I was confused. If he was so confident then why hasn’t he ever talked to me before?

          After that short chat we had, I noticed Josh made an effort to see me everyday. At the least he would say hi to me in the hallway, but he usually came to my locker to talk for the short 5 minutes we had between classes. Sometimes he would walk me to lunch which would annoy Erin since her boyfriend doesn’t have the same lunch as us. In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even have a lunch.

          “Just do it.” Erin said, interrupting my thoughts.

          “Yeah” Taylor said “If a hot guy was working his ass off trying to get me to like him, I would cave no matter how strict and ridiculous my values were.”

          “That last part didn’t sound very hypothetical Taylor” I said. She shrugged her shoulders and turned to look back at Josh who just reached us. He looked straight into my eyes and said,

          “I’m not going to let him have you.” then he put his arms around my waist and pulled me tight against him. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine and I didn’t pull away. Instead I kissed him back and put my arms around his neck and I was suddenly grateful that Erin gave me that Chap Stick. We stood there kissing in front of half of the junior class. I didn’t care about that, or what would happen after the kiss, what I would say. For once I was living in the moment.

         But then the weirdest thing happened. I felt a bolt of electricity pass through my body and collect at my wrists. It felt like I had all the power in the world in the palm of my hands, literally. I didn’t know what to do. I felt the tingling slowly inch its way towards my fingertips as if it was being drawn out. I had nothing else to do but pull away, so I did. I guess I stopped too abruptly because Josh looked down at me with confused eyes. I felt the energy pulsing in my hands and I just started walking away. I didn’t know where I was going, but something in my head was telling me I had to leave, I had to go somewhere else. I just didn’t know where yet. The whole time that I was walking, I was staring at my hands. I turned them this way and that, thinking I could see what was wrong, but no matter how hard I looked, everything still appeared the same. Thankfully no teachers nagged at me to go to class as I roamed down the halls, then the stairs, and finally stopped at senior hall where there were only a few students left at their lockers. Suddenly my eyes were drawn to one boy in particular. At that moment, I knew what Erin was talking about for once. Riley Mitchell was perfect.

          He looked at least 5’10” and under his tattered jacket he had to be muscular. He had short dark hair and perfect, lightly tanned skin. But the first thing I noticed about him, even though I thought I was too far away to see, were his bright electric blue eyes. I kept walking closer like I was being pulled in. When I was still 10 feet from him, he turned around, looked right at me and said, “Finally.” 

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