Electric Girl

A normal high school student discovers she is not like everybody else and uncovers a whole new world with a whole new companion.


3. The Shock


All I did was stare at him, stare at Riley Mitchell. I finally found the person I was looking for all morning and I was standing there like an idiot, just staring. I wanted to say hi, tell him my name, tell him he had found me and I had found him, but I forgot how to talk. I couldn't feel anything but the electricity that continued to tingle in my fingertips, threatening to break free.

          He started walking towards me and I was getting nervous. He was sort of intimidating. I could see scratches on his hands and a cut on his neck that had to have happened recently. His shirt was somewhat unbuttoned underneath his jacket, exposing the top of his chest. It was very distracting. His jeans were old and worn and he had a motorcycle helmet in his locker behind him. Erin was right about the motorcycle at least.

          I realized I could see a lot of things. Things I probably shouldn’t have been able to, especially without my glasses. I could read the spines of the books stacked in his locker, mostly AP courses, and the clock down the hall that used to always be a blur at this distance was now perfectly readable; 7:32, I was going to be late.

          I wanted to stay here with Riley Mitchell and learn why he was searching for me. I wanted to hear his voice again, hear him say my name, look into his eyes and smell his cologne, but I was going to be late to physics. My straight-A student mentality wouldn't let me be a minute late no matter the cause, even if the cause had perfectly toned muscles and rode a motorcycle.

          I picked up my right foot and half turned toward the stairs, waiting for a meteorite to fall on the school or for any other semi-natural phenomenon to occur to give me the justification to stay here a while longer. Riley walked up to me and saw I was starting to leave, though I didn’t know whether I was really going to or not.

          “Come on” he said, grabbing my wrist, and pulled me away from the stairs and any chance of making it on time to class. It took me a second to grasp what was happening. One minute I was staring at Riley, trying to convince myself to go to class, and the next he was pulling me down the hall, barely giving my sense of reason a chance.

          “I’m gonna be late to physics” I mumbled under my breath, a weak protest.

          “Don’t worry about physics” he said with a serious tone, “we’re taking the rest of the day off.” I didn’t know what he was planning but I had to get to class or Ms. Johnson would have my head. We turned the corner and a hall monitor was standing at the end of the hall with a walkie-talkie. Riley dove into the closest door and pulled me in behind him. I looked around and realized I was standing in the boys’ bathroom. I tried to gather my thoughts.

          There was so much going on in my head that I completely forgot about the electricity shooting through my hands. I leaned against the wall and stared at them. That’s pretty much when the fact that I was skipping class hit me and I was ashamed that I was so weak as to let someone make me do so. But an even stronger emotion came over me as I looked at the person responsible, who was smiling at me and trying to hold back a laugh. I was furious.

          “What?” I said, annoyed by the smirk on his face. “Am I doing something funny?”

          “It’s just that you look so confused.” he laughed.

          “Why shouldn’t I be? Nothing’s making any sense.” I argued. He smiled,

          “Just touch something, anything.”

          Now that I had come back to my senses I was anything but the shy, speechless girl I was a minutes ago. I wanted to yell at him for breaking my perfect attendance and tell him he would pay for it, but for some reason, I listened to him. I stretched my arm out toward the door on the bathroom stall and laid my hand out flat against it. As soon as I did, I felt the electricity pass from me to the cold metal I was touching.

          All of my energy went out with the wave of electricity and I was suddenly too heavy to stand up. There was a weight on me and I didn’t have enough energy to take a breath. I guess I passed out, but not before I heard the clunk of my head hitting the hard, tile floor.

          The first thing I saw when I woke up was bright blue eyes filled with worry, looking down at me. I could smell a musky woods scent and I felt a warm hand against my forehead. All the past events of the morning rushed back to me and I quickly sat up. The fast jolt made me dizzy.

          “Don’t get up” Riley said to me.      

          “But I have to go to physics” I protested weakly, still a bit groggy. “Ms. Johnson will-”

          “No” he cut me off, and I realized he was holding me and we were sitting on the ground. “No, you’re not going to physics and you’re not getting up until I know you’re okay!” he said sternly, almost a shout. I looked up at him and he looked as if he revealed more than he wanted to. I felt like a helpless little girl in his arms. I felt…safe. This boy who I haven’t known for more than an hour actually cares and worries about me. But nevertheless, whether I felt safe or not, I wasn’t someone to be pushed around. I have my values. I started to get up again but he held me down with an iron grip, I wasn’t going anywhere.

          “What’s your name?” he asked me with serious eyes. I didn’t understand why he was asking, its not like he didn’t know.

          “Laura.” I answered anyways, anything to get me to class.

          “How old are you?” he asked, still serious. Though I’m sure he knew that too.

          “Seventeen.” I answered

          “what year is it?” Now I knew what he was doing.

          “2013” I stated. “Is that enough? I’m perfectly fine, no brain damage.”

          “Yeah, sure” he said, hesitant to give in, but he let go of me and I slowly got up. He got up too. I stood for all of two seconds before I started to feel lightheaded and my legs buckled beneath me. Just in time, Riley grabbed my waist and steadied me. The rather intimate gesture made me blush and look away, but he just stood there, hands still on my waist, with worried eyes.

          “I’m fine.” I assured him, but I don’t think I was very convincing. In one swift move, he pulled me closer and held me against him. He had one hand on the small of my back and the other still on my waist. I was mystified at how far I’d gone with a boy by first period. My dad wouldn’t be very happy. I couldn’t pull away, not yet, I would only fall. But the only thing I’d gotten accomplished with this boy was a hug and a bump on the head. I was ready to talk.

          I struggled in his embrace to look up at him and saw he was already looking at me.



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