Electric Girl

A normal high school student discovers she is not like everybody else and uncovers a whole new world with a whole new companion.


1. The New Kid


On a sunny Monday morning I walked into school and headed down junior hall. I was strangely alert, too awake. The energy running through my body wasn’t normal. It was too lively, too……..electric. I walked down junior hall and stopped to see Erin. I stood behind her while she gathered up her books from the bottom of her locker. Erin had been my best friend since middle school and our lives here at high school had become sort of routine. I say hi to her every morning at her locker, we always go to Taylor Metzger’s locker before lunch, and then the bathroom. And I always buy my lunch and Erin always brings hers. But this day was anything but routine. I was pretty sure even Erin could tell that something was off. But you never know. She’s usually pretty chipper.

          Erin stood up and put her school books in her bag. “Hey” she said “we need to talk.”

          “Well this can’t be good” I muttered under my breath. Then speaking at her I said “What could be so important that we can’t talk about during lunch?”

          She looked at me and smiled. “Look at you. You think that I’m going to yell at you. Come on.” Then she giggled to herself and walked away.

          “Wait!” I yelled. “Erin! Ugh.” I pushed through the crowd of students and followed after her. I saw her waiting at my locker so I quickly put in the combination and opened the door.

          “Hurry up” she said like every other morning. It bothers her how slow I am. “Come on” she whined. That always happened too. She is very impatient. If we didn’t ‘have to talk’, this morning would seem like any other. As I grabbed my last binder and shoved it into my bag, she shut the locker door almost closing my hang in with it. “Let’s go” she said as nicely as possible and grabbed my arm to pull me along with her. We came to the most private place there is at a school, the girl’s bathroom. She put down her bag and asked the same question she’s been asking since 9th grade “Does my hair look okay?”

          “Yes Erin” I sighed. When I looked in the mirror I was so tall compared to Erin. I was 5 foot 6 and she was 5 foot 3 at the most. I saw my big brown eyes, tan skin, and great figure but I also saw the bump on my nose, my red cheeks, chapped lips, occasional zits and my whacked out bangs. Erin tells me that I’m pretty and not to worry about the small things. Once she said “the guys think you’re hotter than Jillian Jaska” which I don’t really care about because she’s a slut anyways. Sometimes I wished I was like her. She has long, strawberry blonde hair and fair skin with freckles. Most importantly, she is always happy. No matter what, Erin always has a smile on her face. She doesn’t have much to frown about. She has 2 loving parents that are still married, a handsome, senior boyfriend, and more friends than I can count.

          “So Erin, why are we here? I don’t want to be late for science” I wasn’t worried. I knew we had more than enough time.

          “You won’t be late, we have like 15 minutes and your physics room is right down the hall” I knew that already.

          “Fine…..so start talking” I said, trying to be light about it.

          “Have you seen the new kid yet? He came on Friday but he’s a senior you know so…. I haven’t”

I looked at her and said “if he’s a senior and you haven’t seen him what makes you think that I would have seen him? I mean, how do you know you haven’t seen him if you don’t know what he looks like? You didn’t look him up on Face book did you?”

She looked at me with a guilty face and nodded “I got bored. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. And you know what? His profile pic is sooooooo hot. No one in the whole school is as hot as him.”

“You don’t know that.” I said back, “What about Alan?”

“Who?” she asked

“Your boyfriend!?” I said and knocked on her head like a door, “Hello? Anyone home?”

She looked at me like she was going to explode and said “Well rumor has it that he has asked some people where Laura is. Now, I know you’re not the only Laura but he described you as a tall, thin junior with wavy brown hair and brown eyes.” I wasn’t that phased by it, so someone was looking for me. But then I thought, he’s new but he knows my name and appearance? By what Erin said it sounded as though he already knew me.

          “I wonder why he’s looking for you.” she said “I mean, no offense but he’s a hot senior who’s only been here for a weekend, how does he even know that you exist? And not to mention he’s a bad boy and your miss goody two shoes. Did I tell you he rides his motorcycle to school? I didn’t think that was aloud. ” I started thinking about what she said and let her voice lull in the background as she continued to talk. I didn’t see him on Friday, his first day. I don’t even know what he looks like. How could he know me?

          Then, when she was done with her one sided conversation, Erin looked under the stalls for feet and when she didn’t see any, she said, “Now don’t get all big headed about this, and if he asks you out, remember that you don’t want to be called a slut. No PDA. Those bad boys are bad news” this was starting to get out of hand. I mean, she was over exaggerating about this guy liking me….right? Whatever, it didn’t matter. But if there really was a hot senior looking for me, I wanted to find him.

          Just then Maria Hyder walked in and stood in front of the mirror next to Erin. Maria was one of the most popular seniors in school and was viewed as a beautiful, funny, blonde, with a bra size that couldn’t be named using the musical alphabet. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little. The point is I just viewed her as a bitch. She was a natural brunette and anyone with a brain could see how fake her hair looks. But for some reason she’s hated me since my freshmen year of high school. Erin says its only because she‘s jealous. I do admit that guys have asked me out but I’ve always said no. I don’t want to be one of those girls who act like a slut.

          Maria fixed her hair, put on eyeliner and then fixed her hair again. When she was done with her routine, she took a quick glance in my direction. Then, as she was walking toward the door, she glared at me with cold eyes and said in her high voice,

          “He’s mine you know. You might have the boys crawling at you’re feet because of you’re looks, but you don’t deserve those good looks. You don’t even know what to do with them. And we both know”, she paused and grabbed the door handle, “nobody likes a good girl.” I was shocked. I mean, I knew she was capable of being so cruel but she usually isn’t. I had to think of something clever to say.

          After a second of searching my brain I said as sweetly as possible, “And that’s where you’re wrong Maria. You say these things like you’re so sure, so confident that you’ll get what you want. But do you really? You told me that just now not to threaten me with your confidence and popularity, but to assure yourself. You’re not confident. That’s why you enhanced your looks with bleached hair and push up bras. You know that you loose to me in your sick little game and the fact that I’m not even playing, not even trying, kills you. How can you loose to a junior who’s never partied or had a boyfriend? Stop acting like your threatening me. Because deep down underneath all that hair dye and eyeliner, you know that I’ve already won.”

          For a second I thought she looked defeated. But I must have imagined it. I shouldn’t have felt so good about making someone else feel bad but she deserved it. I turned around too face Erin and she was gawking at me like I just did a flip in the air or something.

          “What was that?” she asked

          “Well she had it coming.”

          “Duh.” was all she said. She reached up, being 3 inches shorter than me, and moved my hair around until she was satisfied. Then she handed me her chap stick.

          “Aren’t you a germ freak?” I said, making it obvious that I already knew the answer.

          “Yeah, well this is an emergency.” she stated. “You can’t kiss with chapped lips.”

          “What? There is definitely something wrong with you” I joked. I rolled on the Chap Stick anyways and after snatching it out of my hand she walked out the door. I stood there looking in the mirror, in shock from what happened in this very long, 3 minute bathroom trip.

          “Are you coming?” she asked. I forgot to follow her. My brain was buzzing. Who is this new kid and why is he looking for me? I’m only a junior, not even 17 yet. I kept imagining what he might look like and what he’d do when he found me. Would it be like a movie, would he just run up and kiss me?

          “Where are you” I whispered. When I realized I said it out loud I looked at Erin to see that she didn’t here me.

          And as if she read my mind she said “Let’s go find your new boyfriend, and maybe locate mine on the way.”

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