Summer Love

Every summer, Kaylee has to go to the Kalihari Desert while her mom is studying meerkats with other scientists. She's the only teenager there, and it's very lonely. Kaylee expects her last summer going to be miserable, but that all changes when she meets the love of her life--Louis Tomlinson.


19. Up A Tree

Louis and I walked outside for the first time in a few weeks. I held his hand as I breathed in the fresh air.
"So what do you want to do?" Louis asked me.
I thought for a moment. "I wanna climb that tree!" I said, pointing to a tree up the hill.
We walked up and I started going up. I looked down to Louis below me. "Aren't you coming?" I asked him.
"Once you're up."
I kept climbing until I was at the very top. I looked down. The ground was so far away. In the breeze the tree started to sway. I clutched the branch I was on.
"Louis!" I screamed.
"You alright, love?" he called up.
"Uh..." I was embarrassed to admit I was scared. "I'm...I'm scared."
Louis made his way up to where I was. "I'll help you down," he said. He held me as I nervously made my way down a few branches.
I landed on the ground and threw my arms around Louis. "Thanks."
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