Summer Love

Every summer, Kaylee has to go to the Kalihari Desert while her mom is studying meerkats with other scientists. She's the only teenager there, and it's very lonely. Kaylee expects her last summer going to be miserable, but that all changes when she meets the love of her life--Louis Tomlinson.


4. The Meerkat Building

Our conversation about our favorite musicians ended when we pulled up by the “Meerkat Building” (that’s what the group named it a few years ago. The building has several rooms for sleeping, with two bunks in each (I always bunk with Melissa, Lynn, and Cara—we are the four youngest girls. There is also a lab, a computer room, a living area, a kitchen, a dining room, and two gender-specific bathrooms with multiple showers in each. There’s also an attic that I discovered two years ago that I like to go up in.

Louis and I were the last ones off the bus. “This is not what I expected,” he stated.

“What did you expect?” I asked.

“Honestly, I thought we’d be sleeping in straw huts with bugs always crawling over us,” he admitted.

I whistled.


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