Summer Love

Every summer, Kaylee has to go to the Kalihari Desert while her mom is studying meerkats with other scientists. She's the only teenager there, and it's very lonely. Kaylee expects her last summer going to be miserable, but that all changes when she meets the love of her life--Louis Tomlinson.


5. Roomies

Five minutes later, I was unpacking my things from my bag on my lower bunk. Cara, who is thirty-one, was above me, and Melissa was across me, and Lynn, who’s thirty, was above her. “I’m surprised you haven’t plugged your phone in yet, Kaylee,” Lynn said.

I glared at her. “I’m not that obsessed with my phone!” I protested. “Besides…it’s not even dead yet.”

Melissa laughed at me. “That was such a Kaylee Rickinbacker thing to say!”

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