Summer Love

Every summer, Kaylee has to go to the Kalihari Desert while her mom is studying meerkats with other scientists. She's the only teenager there, and it's very lonely. Kaylee expects her last summer going to be miserable, but that all changes when she meets the love of her life--Louis Tomlinson.


21. Keep the Faith

I only had a few days until school started. All my friends were excited to start their senior year, being at the top of the school and the whole district. But I wasn't. I had been sad and crying and missing Louis the entire time.
Mom was going to lunch with some of her friends, so I invited Renee over. I just had to tell someone, and maybe she would cheer me up.
I sat on the couch waiting with tears stinging the back of my eyes. Renee walked in the front door and ran over to hug me. I hugged her back, half-smiling. She plopped down next to me. "So how boring was it again?"
I shook my head. "Not at all." She looked confused. "I fell in love, Renee. We were the only ones there for each other on the trip, and it just meant to be. But he lives in London. And long distance relationships never work out. We'd rather have the possibility of getting back together hanging in the air than it being over for good." Tears poured down my face.
Renee wrapped me in her arms. "What was his name?" she asked.
"Louis Tomlinson," I replied.
"What did he look like?"
"Brown hair that's fun to play with," I said. "These dreamy eyes that I can't take my eyes off of. A sparkling smile that could brighten up anyone's day." I smiled at the thought.
After a moment of hesitation, Renee asked, " you wanna tell me the whole love story? You know, how you guys came to be?"
"Of course," I said. I started explaining every single thing that happened. Eventually I started crying again.
When I was finished, Renee looked like SHE might cry. "That's the sweetest thing I have ever heard," she told me. "Rolling through the flowers, running into his arms when you lost him, walking around every day holding hands! It's just all the romance you could want!"
Renee hugged me. "I have faith that you guys will be together again someday."
I wiped the tears off my face. "But what am I supposed to do until then?"
Renee solemnly looked at me. "Keep the faith."
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