Summer Love

Every summer, Kaylee has to go to the Kalihari Desert while her mom is studying meerkats with other scientists. She's the only teenager there, and it's very lonely. Kaylee expects her last summer going to be miserable, but that all changes when she meets the love of her life--Louis Tomlinson.


23. Ashley and Brianna

I saw those two girls in Psychology 3rd period. They were both at my table. "I never introduced myself, by the way," the brunette said. She stuck out her hand. "I'm Brianna, and this is Ashley."
I shook her hand. "I'm Kaylee."
"So you're actually DATING Louis?!" Ashley exclaimed.
"Uh...yeah," I replied.
Brianna said, "That's cool! Where did you meet?"
"This probably sounds crazy, but in the middle of the Kalahari Desert."
Ashley burst out laughing. I looked down at my hands.
"Ash!" Brianna scolded her. "I'm so sorry she can be jerk sometimes!"
I half smiled.
"You seriously think we believe you?" Ashley laughed. "You met in the desert, and are dating a guy who lives across the ocean?"
I sighed. "We did, though."
Ashley scoffed. "Whatever."
I went to bed with tears in my eyes. Why didn't she believe me?
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