One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. This book or any portion of this book may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission from the author


20. Welcome back to hell

Louis POV

After a really fun day with Liz, it was time to return to hell. We pulled up to our driveway and unlocked the door. “We’re home!” I yelled coming through the front door into the quite house. I heard some loud noises I looked at Liz she looked at me with a weird face. It kept getting a little louder then quieting down a little. I decided to follow the sound, Liz came along aside me. It led to Tony and Mum’s room I put an ear closer to the door as I heard it again, it was panting! Dear God, even on the day we come home! Looking over at Liz she looked shocked I held her arm so that she couldn’t run away as I listened. “That was amazing.” I overheard my mum say breathing heavy, then I heard a moan. That was enough; I grabbed Liz and ran upstairs putting her in my room.  I locked the door and turned around to see Liz curled up on bed and held on to her knees. I got next to her wrapping my arms around her body. I could feel her body tremble, I wanted to take this pain away from this girl.

She fell asleep in my arms with tears still on her cheek. This reminded me of the time when our parents told us that they were getting married. I situated her so where I could lay down beside her and be comfortable also. I laid my head on hers as she snuggled up to my chest.


I awoke somewhere that was not my room. I shot my head up and looked everywhere to try to remember where I was at. I felt a hand rise up to my shoulder; I quickly jerked away and turned to look at the owner of the hand. Louis smiled at me as he put his hand back down to his bare chest. Now I remember, I slept with Louis last night. I laid my head back down to his chest, and he began to play with my hair. I looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes look straight into mine. I propped myself up with my arms and pecked him on the cheek. “What was that for?” He asked. “For always being there for me no matter how stupid the situation is.” I answered. He smiled looking down at me then squeezing me into a hug.

Louis’s phone started to ring so he jumps out of the bed to answer it. “Hello?” I could hear a raspy voice coming through the other end of the line. “Oh yeah cool. I’m lying down on my bed with Liz.” Another pause. “Harry, stop it! Ha-! Harr-! Harry STOP IT!” He took his phone away from his ear and pushed the ‘end’ button on his phone. He situated himself again so that we were just like we were before Harry called. “Who was that?” I thought aloud popping my head up from his chest. “That was Harry, being the pervert he is.” Louis smirked.  I giggled and laid my head down, closing my eyes falling into a deep sleep.


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