One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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4. The Move

Louis POV


 "Louis, hurry up! The moving van is going to be here in minute!" Mum yelled from the living room where she, Tony, and Liz were waiting on me. I still had about six boxes left to be filled with my skinny jeans and t-shirts. I hear someone walk up the stairs assuming it was my mum I turned around toward the door and snapped," Go away! I'll be down when I'm done!" Looking at me was Liz with hurt in her eyes. I quickly apolgized, "Oh God Liz, I'm sorry I thought you were my mum!" She nodded with tears in her eyes, I must of hurt her feelings I bet she is more fragile now. She cleared her voice," Your mum said to be down in fifteen minutes with all your stuff." "Okay." We stared at each other for a few seconds before she turned around and went back down with her dad.

I came down about twenty minutes later, the moving people were already there putting things in the van. "Where have you been?" My mum said angrily. " In my room packing" "Never mind that, just get your stuff in the van." Tony came and grabbed four boxes which left me with two to carry. Before I walked out of the front door I saw Liz with earphones in and texting on her Iphone. She looked so depressed, sitting there with tears in her eyes (still probably from when I snapped at her earlier). I put the last of my boxes in the van, and I got in my mum's car and we followed Tony's car to their house.

We pulled into their driveway, Their house was huge!! We got out of the car and the moving people started to unload Mum's and my stuff. **One Hour Later** "Alright we need to have a family meeting." Tony said. "What family?" I mumbled under my breath. My mum heard and gave me the 'death stare'. We all sat in the living room waiting for Tony to start talking. "Okay Louis,?" I look up. "Your room will be in the guest room by Lizzy's room. It is not cleared out yet, so for tonight you will sleep in Liz's room, okay?" I glared at him. "WHAT!?!" Liz jumps out of her chair throwing her phone on the carpet. "He is NOT sleeping in my room!" "Liz!! Calm down! It's just for a couple of nights, we'll have the guest room cleared out by then." her dad said, trying to calm her down. I didn't think she disliked me this much.. I looked at my mum, she looked as shocked as me. "Louis go get your stuff and Liz will show you where to sleep and to put your clothes. Liz looked more pissed off at her dad than I was.


I bent down to retrieve my phone that I threw on the ground and gave my dad another glare before brushing past Louis. He grabbed a suit case and went up the stairs behind me. I opened my bedroom door and he made a gasping noise as he walked in (my room was about 2 1/2x the size of his room) I pointed to my couch that was infront of my T.V. "That's where you're sleeping." He smartly replied,    "Come on sis, don't you think that I could sleep somewhere else?" I pushed him. "Don't call me sis! Our parents are dating not married. If you want to sleep somewhere else you can sleep outside!" He was speechless, guess he never thought I could have attitude. He went to the couch and sat down on it pulling out his phone. I was pleased with myself and liad down on my bed pulling out my phone and putting in my earphones.

 "Liz wake up!" I heard a voice say. "Liz!!"  "What?" I asked while stretching. I opened my eyes and realized who I was talking to. "What do you want Louis?" "Your dad wants you." "ugh.. Okay" I got up and went down stair where my dad was waiting for me "Liz you better behave now! You will not disrespect me or disrespect Johanna. You and Louis need to bond if you two are going to be living together" I just look up at the ceiling and waited for this to be over. He went on for another five minutes before saying, "Now you go upstairs and be ready for dinner in one hour." I turned around and went to my room. When I opened my door I saw Louis there waiting on me to return. "So did you get in trouble?" He said smiling. "Shut the hell up Louis!" I walked over to my bed and laid down for about fifty minutes before I walked down to the kitchen for dinner. Louis came behind me and got in line to get whatever his mum made.

We got ready for bed I got him a couple extra blankets because Ihey  like to keep my room cool at night. I get in my bed and Louis gets on couch. He rolls over and says, "Hey Liz, can I ask you something?" "Sure" "Are you comfortable with this whole 'your dad with my mom' thing" "NO!, Of course I'm not! Are you?"  "No... This all wouldn't of happened if my dad didn't cheat on her! Listen, about 3 years ago my dad met this woman at work and they 'fell in love' so every other night he would sneak off and they would rent a hotel room or something and they would... you know... and well one day my dad came home and told Mum that he got that other lady pregnant and I never saw him again after that day. He tries to call me and get me to come over to his and his wife's house, but I couldn't go over there seeing the bitch that ruined our family.. He tore my mum's heart and I don't know if she will ever heal from that.." He zoned off I could tell he got choked on his words. I knew that he just wanted something to listen to him ,because that's all I wanted too.


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