One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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2. Out To Eat

Louis POV

As the next day approaches my mum is going crazy over what to wear on our 'date' with Liz and her dad. I guess her dad is rich because my mum is wearing this really nice silky silver dress. I lay on my bed listening to music my mum barges in and goes straight to my closet pulling out a suit and tie that I wore to my uncle's wedding. "where are we eating at, the Queen's?" I snicker at her. "Louis!! This is not the time for your jokes! We are eating at a fancy restaurant and you are most defiantly not going in jeans and a t-shirt!"  "Yes Mum, I'm sorry.." No one understands me. No one ever just seems to really and truly get what I'm going through. I'm pretty sure I have depression, but I try to hide it as much as possible. I'll have melt downs and sometimes attitude problems, but everyone seems to think that it's just something that teenagers do... well it's not...for me.


I look in my closet for something nice to wear for tomorrows 'dinner date'. I have lost a lot of weight since summer started and could fit in more cute clothes then I usuallycould. I settled with a very cute strapless high-low pink dress with white high heels. I wasn't excited for this but at least Dads happy..I guess. I hate feeling like I can never be myself; I always have to do what my parents want me to do. I have never done what I wanted to do; I just want to be free.

 When I woke up the next day having a sick feeling about what today would bring for me. I got up and went to me bathroom to take a shower. As I stepped out of the shower a hour later I heard my phone go off. I dried off and stepped back into my bed room to grab my 'around the house' clothes and my phone. 'New Message' was at the stop of my screen as I slid my finger against it.

<Mum><to Liz> Hey Lizzy, would you like to come over today?

<Liz><to Mum> Wish I could Mum, but I have to go on a date with Dad and his 'so cool' girlfriend. :(

<Mum><to Liz> uh.. well you have fun I guess  Love you   bye


  I could tell that hurt her to see that my dad was dating again after 2 years since their divorce. My dad knocked on the door as he came in "Liz be ready in an hour and a half okay?" "ugh..okay"I replied with a little bit of attitude. "Liz act right today." He said with a serious face. I nodded and he shut the door behind him.

  I dried my silky, dark brown hair, did my makeup,  and put on my dress and shoes.  Before I opened my door I looked at myself on my wall mirror. I looked pretty if you asked me. I opened the door and started down the stairs leading to the front door and went and sat down on one of our sofas in the living room, waiting on my dad to get ready. My dad comes out of his room about thirty minutes later in a black suit and a blue tie, looking very handsome. We start out the door to go eat with Louis...This should be 'fun'.

Louis POV

"Are you ready yet?" My mum asked. "Almost" I replied as I put on the red tie around my shirt collar. I shut the door behind me and lean against the counter top in the kitchen. "You look so grown up!" Do we have to go?" "Louis Tomlinson! I am not going over this again!" She scolds. She grabs her purse and motions me to get out of the door and get in the car. So I do.

  We get out of the car at a fancy restraunt with classical music playing,we go in seeing Liz and Tony waiting on us there. Wow, Liz looked real pretty her hair is perfect, her clothes, her skin all I can do is stare. She just looks beautiful, why would I ever make fun of this girl? She's just perfect. Her dad  comes to me and introduces himself," Hello I'm Tony. I have heard a lot about you," God, isn't this great, there is no telling what my mum has told him. "I think you know my daughter, Liz" He said pushing Liz forward, closer to me."Hey" I said looking down at my shoes, too embarrassed to look into her greenish-blue eyes. "Hi" she said back to me. I could tell that she didn't want to talk to me. Our parents were talking to each other, looking like they were in a deep conversation, I all of the sudden felt this rage overcome me. 'Why couldn't my parents just be happy and get back together so that I wouldnt have to be in this shit. I just want everything to go back to normal, no more of Mum's boyfriends. Our name was called and we were taken to our seats, my mum sat next to Tony and I sat by Liz. We ordered, the food came twenty minutes later, and we began to eat. My mum and Tony looked at each other and then Tony said," We have exciting news!" Mum joined in and said," We are moving in with Tony and Liz, Louis! Isn't that nice?" I looked at them in disgust and hated them being together even more, I looked over at Liz and saw that she was in shocked with her jaw dropped she looked as if she was going to cry...In fact I feel like crying too. My life sucks. 


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