One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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34. Mine **Mature Content**

*** Mature Content***

Mature Content is used in this chapter




Louis and I have two more days until my dad and Johanna get back from their honeymoon. We have spent almost all the money left for us on pizza and we have practically destroyed the house as well. “You ready?” Louis yelled, coming down the stairs. “I’ve been ready; I’ve been waiting for about ten minutes.” I sassed. “Whatever, just get in the car.” He instructed me.


We arrived on school a little late because of Louis taking so long to get ready. “Happy Friday!” Casey said behind me as I put my books in my locker. “Hey, girl!” I turned around. Casey opened up her mouth but was interrupted by the bell. “What should we do this weekend?” Casey asked as we entered the classroom. “I don’t know. What we usually do, watch movies all day.” I laughed. “Your parents aren’t home, right?” She asked waiting for me to respond, I nodded in agreement. “Great, let’s just watch movies at your place!” She said.


I was walking towards Louis’s car when a firm hand gripped my arm. “You’re coming over to my place tonight. “ Niall demanded.  “Niall, I already have plans with Cas-.” That’s all I got out until he interrupted me. “Well, cancel them. You have no choice. You will come willingly or forcefully, either way.” His tone sounded differently than it usually did. “Niall…” I began to pout. “Liz, it would be best for you, to come willingly.” Niall warned. I sighed and rolled my eyes then began to walk away until the same strong hand grasped my arm again. “I love you.” He assured me; his voice tingled through my ear. “I love you too.” I replied and began to walk towards the car again.

Louis and I returned to our home and I went upstairs to get dressed for Niall’s house. “Where are you going?” Louis asked, propped up against the door frame. “Niall’s house.” I said casually. “No you’re not.” Louis argued. “Don’t start, Louis. I’m going.” I said back. Louis took a few deep breaths before saying, “Okay whatever, but don’t come crying to me when something happens and I’m not there to protect you.” He warned. I rolled my eyes and walked past him through the hallway.


I pulled up to Niall’s house and knocked on the door. Not even within ten seconds the door was opened and greeted by Niall. I walked in and expected to see Niall’s mum. “Where’s your mum?” I asked him. “She has a business trip this weekend, so I’m home alone.” He responded. My mouth formed a ‘o’ shape as I sat down on one of his couches; Niall soon sat down next to me. “So what was so urgent for me to be here?” I asked. Niall inhaled and exhaled loudly before starting, “I have been thinking about this a lot –and I mean a lot- about our relationship, and I think that we should take it to the next level.” I stared at him blankly. Niall leaned over to where I was sitting and kissed gently me on the lips. All of my thoughts came back together when I realized that I was kissing back. He pinned me down to the couch and hovered over me, kissing my neck then to my jawbone. I closed my eyes trying to savior the taste of his lips every time they came to mine. Like last time, his tongue felt along my teeth waiting to be granted access. After his tongue was in my mouth his hands felt their way to his shirt, pulling the white material over his head. He pushed his body closer to mine, taking his lips and placing wet kisses over the skin of my neck.

 I moaned, his laugh overcame my body, “You like this, don’t you?” He seductively questioned me, I nodded. “Then let me do more.” His voice was hoarse. I opened my eyes, “What?” I asked. “Let me show you more, I want to do more than just kissing, Liz.” He said without breaking eye contact. “I want to make love to you.” I propped myself up with my elbows looking eye level with Niall. “Niall I love you, but I’m not ready yet.” I tried to explain to him. “Liz, I want you. I want you so bad. I can’t hold it in much longer. Every time I kiss you or just think about you this happens,” Niall said to me pulling my hand to his crotch, forcing me to feel his boner. “I want to be your first… and your last.” I thought of what Niall had said to me, I wanted him too but I just don’t feel ready yet. I sighed, “Okay, but be easy.” I gave in.

A smile formed on his lips, “Let’s go upstairs.” He said leading me up to his bedroom.  Niall locked the door and entwined our fingers together then lightly kissing me on my lips. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Yes.” I responded. He led me over to his full-sized bed, laying me on it gently. His clear blue eyes lit up in the low-light room. His lips fell on my neck going farther away from my lips. He pulled my shirt up to my chest and sprinkled kisses over my stomach, my eyes fluttered closed. His lips came back up to mine and his tongue went back into my mouth as well.  Niall’s hands left my hips and went to my shirt and tugged it off my body and onto the floor. Next went his pants that dangled loosely to waist, then throwing them towards my shirt that lay on the floor. Soon Niall was naked still hovering over me, but I lay there with my bra and pants still on. “I love you.” Niall told me once again, I didn’t reply. His eyes moved down to my pants and quickly unbuttoned them and yanked them off my lower half. “I love you.” Niall repeated his face hovering over me, looking deeply into my green eyes. “I love you too.” I hesitantly said back. I guess that’s what he was waiting for, because the next thing I knew his lips met mine and passionately kissed my lower lip. As he lowered himself to me I felt a bulge pushing into my underwear. I moaned when Niall’s lips trailed from my mouth to my chest, lightly sucking and biting on my skin. His hand went under me to my back and unhooked my bra and threw it on top of the pile of clothes on the floor.


Niall reached over to his side table and retrieved a small packet, he tore it open and threw the packet on the floor. I saw him take the rubber and slip it on his length. After teasing me multiple times Niall finally pushed into me after the hour we have been in his room. His length over barred me, I never thought that he could ever do this. My fingers clanged to the sheets on his bed, not letting go. Niall’s thrusts sent chills through my spine. He leaned over and kissed my stomach, licking and sucking gently.  My back was arched and my hips were held onto by Niall, whose thrusts were getting sloppy. I could feel my walls closing, “Niall, I can’t hold much longer!” I shrieked. “Baby, hold on.” Niall responded, his rhythm became faster, pushing into me with power. “Niall-” I started again. “Don’t hold it in, let go.” Niall said breathlessly. With that, I let go, letting the waves come crashing into Niall. He moaned when it reached him, the heat pouring into him. “Babe, get ready.” Niall warned me. Within a minute hot liquid squirted into me, making me curse under my breath. “This may hurt a bit.” Niall informed me, he look his lengths out of me and gently rubbed over my entrance with his index and middle finger. “Niall!” I gasped. His lips came to the entrance as well. Licking and sticking his tongue in and out. “You taste amazing.” Niall said. He came back up to my lips and slid his tongue into mouth; I was too exhausted to care.

 Our body covered in sweat, Niall got on top of me and held my wrists above my head. He dipped his head down to my face and bit my lip, pulling it up with him. He released my hands and they instantly went to his hair, lightly pulling the blonde hair while my lips passionately felt their way down to his abs.

I scratched his torso leaving marks, making him groan; then  he jerking me up to be face-to-face with him. "So you wanna be rough?" He chuckled. Niall held my arms captive as he quickly went to my bare chest. He started licking my breasts, nibbling on them sending a moan through my throat. His head rose to look at me, he grinned and let his fingers glide over my stomach, going straight to my entrance. Niall poked one finger in, softly pumping in and out. He then put another finger in, pushing in and out quicker and forceful. “I’m going to do it again.” He said, I nodded for approval. He took his lengths and teased my entrance, making me crave for him. “Niall… hurry up!” I yelled impatiently. Niall smiled and once more pushed in. It took only a moment to get used to his length, I was more aware of what it felt like now.

Niall put his hands on my hips and thrusted into me, he kept up his rhythm: fast, steady, and aggressive. We kept this up for several minutes before I felt my stomach start to cramp. “Niall, I’m going to climax!” I yelped. “Do like before, just let go.” He encouraged me. I felt myself letting go and letting myself cum onto Niall. “That’s it, let it all out.” He soothingly said. Another wave came. I finally relaxed when I felt heat shoot into me. I let out an unexpected yelp. “Hah, scare you babe?” He laughed. Niall pulled himself out and began to clean up the mess I made with his tongue, “Still taste great, baby.” Niall breathlessly laughed.

“Baby, you are mine,” Niall told me as he threw himself beside me on his bed. I watched his bare chest rise and fall rapidly. “No one else can have you… ever.”  He turned to me and leaned over and kissed my forehead.


***~Author's Note~***

So what did you guys think of this chapter? I was told by my very best friend, Casey, to write a 'graphic' scene before the finale.... so this is what I settled on. So if you liked it thank Casey because I really didn't want to do a chapter like this; and if you didn't like this chapter, blame Casey :p haha    love you guys!!

      xoxo Jaycee

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