One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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10. Harry's House

Louis POV

I wake up still in Liz's bed. I look down at her, she was alseep her head on my chest. I lean over and kiss her on the forehead. Her eyes opened and looked up at me. She stretched asking "What time is it?" I took my phone out of my pants pocket "Uh.. it's 9:30" "Oh, okay" She rolled away from me going back to sleep. While I had my phone out I text Harry.

<Louis><To Harry> Hey am I still coming over?

<Harry><To Louis> Yeah. The lads are all ready over at my house

<Louis><To Harry> Ok good. Can Liz come over with me?

<Harry><To Louis> Wait isn't Liz your -future- stepdads girl? The one thast Niall's in love with? The one that he's talking about right now? He won't shut up about her!!

<Louis><To Harry> Yeah.. I don't want her to be alone with our parents.. She's not really liking this situation. So can she come with me?

<Harry><To Louis> Yeah, sure. Just be here in an hour, bye.


"Hey Liz" I said loudly so that she would wake up. "What?" she answered sleeply. "Get up and dressed     -nicely- I'm taking you somewhere." "Okay. Just give me a few minutes." I got out of her bed and went out of her room , into the hall where Tony was standing. "Why were you sleeping with her?" He said with a very angery tone. "Because she was hurt and she needed someone to be there for her. I was the only one there to help her." "That is not an excuse for this. Don't ever let me catch you doing that again! She is my daughter!" "Then maybe you should pay more attention to her and see how all of this is effecting her! While You're having the time of your life, she's in there wishing she was with her Mum and anywhere but here!" I yelled at him, my mum heard and came rushing up the stairs "Louis William Tomlinson!! You do not yell to ANYONE in that tone!! Now you appoligize!" She commaned. "Sorry." I mumbled and went to my room to get ready to go to Harry's with Liz.

 I heard a knock on my door and it opened with Liz closeing it, she sat on my bed as I pulled a shirt over my head. She was wearing purple skinny jeans and a white-gray hoodie. I got my car keys and my phone from the charger and we went downstairs. We went past the living room where Mum and Tony were snogging, we went out the door slamming the door on purpose and to my car. As I put my car in reverse Tony came out and saw us leaving he waved at us to stop but I ignored and kepted going.

We arrived at Harry's house and knocked on his door. Moments later he came to the door and let us in.


I felt like a rebel being with Louis, we are going to be in massive trouble but I won't mind that. We walked into Harry's house and he came toward me, "Hey, I'm Harry" holding out his hand. I smiled and shook his rather large hand. Louis took me into Harry's living room where I saw the three boys in Louis' room a while back and Niall. We have talked every night ever since he gave me his number. He saw me, smiled at the ground and blushed. One of them came over to him and asked,"Is that the girl you have been talking about?" Niall shushed him and nodded slightly. I could feel myself blushing and getting red. The one that was talking to Niall came over to me and introduced himself, "Liam." He said quickly. "Hey I'm Liz" "I already knew that. Louis talks about you a lot.." "He does? I hope it's in a positive way" "It is, Sis" Louis said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. They all looked at us weird except for Harry. They must have not been informed about this. "What?" Said the only one that I didn't know. "Zayn, They're parents are getting married" Harry stated. "Oh.." Zayn trailed off.  "So do you guys -and girl- want to watch a movie?" Harry asked breaking the silent. "Yeah!! Toy Story!!" Liam yelled. "No, Grease!" Niall screamed after Liam. "Okay! So the nominees are 'Toy Story' and 'Grease' please in a formal fashion raise your hand for the movie you would like to watch!" Harry shouted over the aurguing of Niall and Liam, they quieted down. "Thank you. Okay, 'Toy Story'" Liam and Harry raised their hands. "Okay 'Grease'." Niall, Zayn, Louis, and I raised our hands. Harry went and put in Grease and it started playing. We all took our seats, Harry sat by Liam who sat by Zayn who sat by Louis who sat by me and I sat by Niall. Niall and I talked during the whole movie we were hushed a few times, which made us laugh. During our conversation my butt started to vibrate, I took out my phone and saw that my dad was calling. I got up and went to the kitchen. "Hello?" "Elizabeth!! where are you?" My dad's voice was yelling into the phone. Louis walking into the kitchen and played with my hair. "I'm here with Louis." "Let me talk to him." My dad's voice said sternly. I gave the phone to Lou. I could hear my dad's voice mumble through the phone to Louis. "Hey Mr.T don't worry she's with me......No I didn't.....Okay we'll be home in a while...bye" He handed me the phone then said, "Come on we have to go now. We are going to get in soo much trouble!!" "Haha wouldn't dought it!" We said our goodbyes to the boys and left. We drove home with a few laughs along the way, then we got to my driveway. We got inside and Dad and Johanna were waiting on us.



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