One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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30. First Date


Niall and I had been dating for a few weeks, but we haven’t been on our first date yet. Casey and Harry had been encouraging us to double date with them. Niall declines the offer and said that our first date would be us alone. “Liz, you ready? We’re going to be late, hurry up!” I heard Louis say from down stairs, we’ve lost some connection but we still talk. I walked down stairs on the Thursday morning; I threw my bag around my shoulder as I caught up to Louis who was already outside waiting on me. I got in the vehicle and Louis began to drive towards school.

We got to the parking lot and I got out and waited for him. “Okay, let’s go.” Louis said slamming the car door. We had little conversation and we parted as I went to my locker. “We can double date tomorrow?” Casey said in a questioning tone. I shook my head, “Niall would not allow that, he tells me that he wants our first date to be just us.” I explained to her once more. She rolled her eyes, “He’s getting controlling, Lizzy.” She warned. I rolled my eyes back at her, the bell rung and we all made our way to our classes.

Lunch came and the seven of us sat at the same table again. I sat between Niall and Casey with Louis carefully observing us. Niall’s lips came to my ear, “Come outside with me.” He whispered. I looked at him then got up following him out the door, Louis sending us a glare. Niall sat me down at a bench as he sat beside me. “I want to take you out tomorrow night, wear something nice please.” He said. I smiled, our first date yay! “Okay, where will we be going?” I questioned. A smirk appeared on his face, “Let’s leave that to a surprise.” He held out his hand for me to grab and we walked back in the cafeteria to our table.

At the end of the day I waited on Louis to get to the car to drive us home. “I’m here get in.” Louis said walking towards his car. I got in and waited for him to do the same. “What did Niall say to you at lunch?” He asked. “Is that any of your business?” I sassed back. “Liz.” He warned. “We are going on a date tomorrow, chill Louis.”  “Where is this date?” He asked. “I don’t know.” I said looking out the window. “Liz, tell me.” He demanded. “Louis, I do not know where the date is. Niall did not tell me.” I sternly spoke. Louis looked at me with his eyes narrowed before starting the car.

Louis POV

“Does Tony even know that you are dating him?” I asked driving down the road. “No” She replied. “He is not going to like that.” I added. “Why? He’s okay with Niall, he sees him every other day.” She said with an aggravated tone. “No Liz, your dad likes Niall as one of my friends not your boyfriend.” She must had thought about what I said, she was silent the rest of the way home.


Friday came and questions filled my head about Niall: ‘where is he taking her?’ ‘What is he going to do with her?’ ‘Will Liz be safe?’. Liz told Tony about her date and he was anything but happy which I had told Liz that he would have reacted like. Liz must have seen me in my deep thought “Louis, I’m going to be fine. Don’t worry.” She assured me. We reached school and we would meet in our usual spot after school.


We arrived home on Friday and I jumped out of the car to start getting ready for the date I had later that night. I put my bag on my couch and began to search my closet for something to wear. My eyes fell upon the dress I picked out a couple weeks ago with my Mum. It was a strapless coral color hi-low dress with gold sequins, I looked around for shoes to match, gold flats. I look at myself through the mirror hanging over my closet door, perfect. I put make-up on and went downstairs. My dad was in the living room waiting on me alongside Johanna and Louis. Johanna stood up and came to me, “You look beautiful. Niall is a lucky boy.” She smiled. We have been getting along a bit better. “What do you boys think?” she asked looking over to my father and Louis. Louis looked up from his phone, faked a smile, then looked back to his screen; Dad looked at me in worry in his eyes. My dad got up and come towards my then wrapped his arms around me. "Be safe." He whispered in my ear, I looked at him and made a small nod.

The time came when I saw Niall's car pull up, he came to our door and was let in by Johanna. "Hi Liz." He said giving me a half hug and a kiss on the cheek. Louis looked up from his phone in anger so did my father. "Be careful." my dad directed more towards Niall than me. Niall and I left hand in hand to the way to the car; he held the door open for me before he went to his own side. While he drove he would glance at me, chuckle, and then put his eyes back on the road. "You are so beautiful." He said one of the times he looked at me; I felt my cheeks blush when he complimented me.

We arrived at the restaurant, him opening the door for me. “Surprise! Nando’s!” Niall shouted happily. I laughed as he wrapped his strong arm around my waist. “How many do we have tonight?” The waitress at the front asked. “Just two.” Niall replied holding up two fingers with one hand while the other stayed on my hip. The lady brought us to our table and handed us menus. “Have I told you how gorgeous you are tonight?” He asked looking over the menu to me. “Yes, twice actually.” I laughed.

We ordered and the food came a while later. “How could I have lived this long without you?” Niall asked me after sipping his water. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to finish the lovely meal. Niall paid and we headed back towards his car, He drove off to the opposite direction of which we came. “My house is that way.” I laughed pointing to the right. “What, do you really think for our first date I’d just take you out for dinner?” He asked chuckling. “Well I did until now.” I replied.

The car pulled up to a beautiful little park. “Here we are.” He said getting out and then came to my side and let me out. Niall reached for my hand and entwined mine with his. He led me to a narrow sidewalk and glanced at me, flashing his white teeth. We talked for a while and walked down the pathway lit by the full moon and dim street lights. Niall stopped, I turned around to see him gazing into my eyes, he leaned closer to me I met him half way. His hands came to my face as mine went behind his neck. He pulled back, looking into my eyes. “I love you.” Niall assured me as he still looked on my eyes. “I love you too.” I replied. He smiled and grabbed my hand and took me back to his car. On the way back a gust of wind blew over us, sending my bare shoulders in shivers. Niall looked at me and then willingly gave up his jumper and strapped it around my shoulders.


We pulled up to my two story house and got out of the car. I took Niall’s hand, “I had a great time tonight.” “Me too.” He replied squeezing my hand. He walked me to the door and kissed me on the cheek. “Oh, I forgot I had your jumper on, here.” I said attempting to take off the jacket until Niall’s fingers cupped my chin and kissed me passionately on the lips. We were interrupted by the sound of my dad clearing his throat. Niall pulled away, “Keep it.” He pecked me and the cheek and headed towards his car.

I walked in the house with my father following behind me, “Make sure he treats you right.” He said sternly. I nodded before I went up the steps leading to my room. I shut the door to my room hoping to be alone but only to find Louis sitting on my bed. “Did it go okay?” He asked with an eyebrow raised. “Yes.” I replied heading to my dresser to find comfortable clothing. “He didn’t try anything on you, right?” He questioned me again. “Louis, if he did anything to me you would be the first person I would tell, so will you please leave.” I said pointing to the door. He looked a little shocked before he turned around heading to the door. Finally now I was alone.

***~Author's Note~***

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so long on this chapter to be updated, these next few chapters are going to be a little longer than the others. I have been working on a debate for my english class (I have to go against the guy I hate the most) that I am doing tomorrow -pray for me!- I have also been reaally obsessed with Pitch Perfect (Ya know, the movie? haha)  I watch it at least twice a day so I can stay saine. And I have been stalking UTK -Utkarsh Ambudkar- the guy who plays Donald in Pitch Perfect (I have fallen in love with a 30 year old!! Oh well, just a phase...maybe...) so yeah, I have a lot of things to do, but maybe I'll update by Friday/Saturday

            XOXO Jaycee



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