One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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14. Family Bonding

Louis POV

I pull up to the Nando's parking lot and get out of the car. With Liz behind me, I walk inside and spot my mum and Tony in a booth next to a large window. They wave at us to come sit with them, I motion Liz to follow me; I sit by Mum and Liz sat by her dad. "What's the 'great' news this time?" I sneer. "Louis!" Mum snapped. "What? Everytime we come to a restraunt with them you tell us really bad imformation, that you call good." I argue. "Louis, just be quite! If you say one more thing that is not nessasary you will be grounded- no phone, telly, or computer." I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone and text Liz.

<Louis><To Liz> Grrrr.. :(

<Liz><To Louis> Haha.. that's what you get for talking back :)

      I looked up from my phone and laughed at her. The waitress came and took our order. "We want you two to bond" Tony started to say. "We get along fine." Liz said. "Liz, I mean really bond. We were talking and we think that you two should go somewhere this weekend and get out of the house." Now I knew what was going on, he wanted us out of the house so that he and my mum could have sex without any 'interuptions'.  God, this is going to start all over again..


Oh My God! They're kicking us out for two days just for them to have sex! Dear God, screw you all! Ugh, I have lost my appitite. Our food came and I just sat there with a sick feeling. "Are you going to eat, Liz?" My dad questioned. Louis looked up at me with his beautiful blue eyes. "No, I'm not really hungry." I shook my head. They finished and payed; Louis and I went to his car and we sat there in complete silence. "So.. Uh.. Where do you want to go for the weekend?" Louis asked rubbing his neck. "Uh.. I don't think this is a very good idea.." I went on. "Trust me, I feel the same way. They just want us out of the house." Louis replied. There was a long pause, "We could go to Harry's house or something? Casey's?" I said breaking the ice. "Okay let's go to Harry's, I'm not going to a girl's house." He chuckled pulling out his phone to text Harry.

We got home about an hour after Dad and Johanna did and we found them snogging in the living room. 'That's just the beginning of what's going to happen Saturday.' I thought, I looked over to Louis he looked about as terrified as I was. He cleared his throat, "Get a room!" His mum looked at him and pointed to the stairs and said, "Get upstairs now! That goes for you too Liz" We went up the stairs and went to Louis' room. I never really been in his room, it looked really good. "So what did Harry say?" I asked. "We can stay the whole weekend." "Where am I going to sleep?" "He has a younger sister, ya know. You can sleep in her room." He said. "Oh okay."

We played video games for a while before I looked at my phone and saw that it was 8:30pm and we had school tomorrow. I got up, got my pjs and took a shower. When I got out it was 9:30 I lay on my bed and looked on twitter, facebook, and pintrest on my phone. I woke up and heard birds outside chirping I got myself out of my bed and got ready to go to school. Waiting for me down stairs was Louis with Liam and Zayn. "Hey Liz! Guess who stopped by! They are coming with us to school today." Louis said cheerfully. "Cool! But they are sitting in the back." Liam stuck his tounge out at me. We all hopped in the car ,me sitting in the front seat, and drove to school. School was about the same as yesterday, Casey and I gossiped at lunch, all five boys sat next to us in the lunchroom. I noticed something going on with Harry, he would not take his eyes off Casey.. maybe he had a thing for her..or maybe not.

The boys came to our house and went striaght to Louis' room. I stayed in my room, when the door opened and Louis came in. "Hey!" He said. "Hey, Lou!" "Um-I-Uh-I have to ask you a question.." "Alright" I said anxtiously. "Do you know if Casey, uh, likes anyone.."  "You're kidding me... We are best friends I know more about her than she does."  "I know, but seriously..does she?"  "Yes, she does- and before you even ask I can not tell you, we did the best friend promise. I can't break that." He just nodded and left the room. That was wierd.


***~Author's Note~***
 Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying my FanFiction! I may not be able to update for a while I am going on vacation for about a week -I have no Idea if I will have WiFi for my laptop to update :( and then just a couple days after I get home from vaca. school starts again -BLAH- so there might be no updating for a while....sorry :(

  Also I'm sorry about this chapter.. not my best.. I do not have my guide-lines I make for myself for this FanFic because I have been doing the last couple chapters off the top of my head.

If you would like to follow me on twitter my account name is @JaYcEe_205   -don't let me regret giving this out please- I will probably be avalible on my twitter because of my phone and such :) 

Have a very Happy New Year!!

                   xoxo Jaycee

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