One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. This book or any portion of this book may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission from the author


23. Can I Talk To You?

Louis POV

We slept in our own beds that night; I kept replaying the kissing scene in my head over and over. ‘I thought you were the one who protected me’ I could hear that in the back of my mind. What did she mean by ‘thought’? I should have held it in, I shouldn’t have kissed her. I screwed up our relationship big time!

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off; I stretched my legs and slammed my hand against the snooze button. Five minutes later it went off again I got up and got ready for another day of high school. I got dressed in my usual: a t-shirt and skinny jeans. I went down stair to see Liz waiting impatiently by the door. “Come on, Lou! Hurry up!” She yelled at me. I went to grab my keys from the counter when Liz’s hand beat me to it. I looked up to her to see a huge smirk going across her face. “I’m driving today.” She went towards the door slamming the door behind her. I grabbed my back pack and set out the door. I opened the passenger door and closed it behind me looking over at Liz who was putting my car in reverse. I buckled my seat belt and said a quiet prayer before she hit the gas.

We arrived at school in one piece; I got out of the car as soon as she turned it off. She got out of the car at her normal pace, slow. She threw me the keys and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. The beginning of the day flew by. Lunch came and I talking to Harry as I sat down next to Liz and Casey. They always go quiet whenever we come and sit by them.

Harry POV

Louis and I sat down next to Casey and Liz; I couldn’t help but to glance at Casey any second I got. Liz must have noticed because the next thing I knew was an elbow nudging into my stomach.  I looked at her and she raised and lowered her eyebrows real fast as if she was saying ‘ask her out!’ I gave her a look and she gave one right back to me. I gave in, “Hey Casey?” She looked my way. “Can I talk to you for a second?” I asked pointing outside the cafeteria. She got up and followed me outside.  Her beautiful long dirty-blonde hair flowed as the wind blew through it. She looked into my eyes waiting for me to speak. “Uh- Hey” I said. How stupid is that to say, Gosh Harry! “Hi.” She replied back. “Uh- Listen I… I wanted to know if you-uh- wanted to go on a date with me this weekend.” I stuttered. Her crystal blue eyes went from one direction to the next before answering my question, “Sure.” She said with smile. I gave her my ‘Harry Styles’ smile and wink.


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