One Step At a Time

*Complete* After Liz Parker hears the news from her dad that he and one of the most popular guys in school's ,Louis Tomlinson, Mum were dating, everything started to go downhill. Louis and his Mum, Johanna, move in and that is the start of drama, drama, and more drama. Who can be trusted and who cannot?

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38. Bonus Chapter Pt.2 *Two Year Anniversary Special*


Casey and I had decided that we were going to Ashley's party the next night and we both went straight home to pick out our outfits. As I got out of the shower that night I found Louis on my bed, flipping through channels on my television. "Lou, what are you doing in here?" I said as I wrapped my hair in a towel and lied next to him.

"The usual, checking you out after you get out of the shower." He said, his eyes flicking towards me for a moment before he went back to looking at the TV.

I got on top of him leaned close to his neck and whispered. "You know, I think the new way you style your hair"

"Oh you do, eh?" He said grinning. Before I could nod, we both busted out laughing. I rested my head on his chest as it filled up and down with laughter. After a couple of moments our laughter died and he looked at me. "So you really think my hair's sexy?"

"It's how you get all the girls, babe." I giggled.


School on Friday went by fast and I met up with Casey in the parking lot before I left to go home. "I'll come by your house and pick you up at nine." She said before closing her car door. I went to mine and cranked it up. It was always my favorite day when Louis didn't come home with me, that way I wouldn't have to listen to 80's music all the way home.

I pulled into the driveway and went straight to my room to start getting ready. I thickened my eyeliner and added a darker eyeshadow to make my blue eyes pop. I went through my closet and found a black dress with lace detail.

I tried it on and the hem ended mid thigh. Daddy would not approve, too bad he was on a business trip for two weeks. I had never felt this way before, being bad and going behind my father's back; but it felt good, I felt free.


Casey came ten minutes after nine and she texted me to come outside. I went down stairs and saw Johanna on the couch with a cloth over her head. "Hey Johanna, Casey and I are going to the movies. I'll be home in a little bit." I said, praying that she'd take the bait.

"Okay. You know curfew on weekends, so be home before then." she said not removing the wet cloth, which was a relief for me, she would never let me go out looking like I did. I opened the front door and ran as fast as I could in my black heels to Casey's car.

"Alright, let's go party!" She said, reversing on to the street.

We arrived at Ashley's house in about an hour and the lawn was full of cars and drunken teenagers. We got out of the car and we maneuvered through the cars to the front of the large house. As I walked in the smell the alcohol and smoke overwhelmed me. I looked over to Casey and she had already gotten a cup full of vodka from some girl. Casey shrugs at me and downs the drink as I walk further into the house. "Hey baby, you want to dance?" A deep, slurry voice fills my ear as he grabs by backside. I turn around to see bloodshot eyes and a half empty bottle of tequila.

"Um, no thanks." I say to the guy and a fasten my pace to find Casey, who had adventured on her own and was now gulping down another red cup. "Casey, you need to stop drinking." I said as I took the cup from her.

"You think that he would have done that with me?" She asked. I looked to where she was pointing and I saw that in what looked like the living room a girl laid on the coffee table with her shirt taken off. A dark skinned guy put a shot glass on her stomach and another guy went in to take the body shot. Everyone in the room cheered and the guy proceed to take his tongue and lick the girl up to her temple then stuck his tongue down her throat. It was then I realized who it was. It was Harry.

I didn't reply to her, instead I drank what was left of her second drink and pulled her into the kitchen, where bottles of beer and whiskey were pilled high. I never really understood the purpose of drinking, all it did was make you regret your decisions when you get sober. But tonight wasn't about understanding, it was about experience. I grabbed a plastic cup off the counter and drank it. The liquid burned my throat but relaxed my mind. "Let's go dance!" I said.

The music was pounding but my hearing was getting fuzzy and it was almost too hard to hear. I started moving my body to the song and Casey did the same. I took the last sip of my drink and let the cup drop to the floor. The song ended and I left to get another drink. I wasn't drunk but I was on the verge of it. I don't remember how but I got another drink and was on my way back to find my friend when I bumped into someone. I spilt my drink on the person ad when I looked up, his brown eyes were glued to me. "Oh, shit. I'm sorry." I said, trying to wipe his shirt with my hands. He had a toned stomach, but I'm pretty sure he was flexing his muscles.

"Don't worry about it. You wanna dance?" He said, pushing me back into the room with the loud music. I wished I hadn't drank the last drink, because I knew I was drunk. He slammed his front side to my back and began to rock his hips. I started to do the same and rubbed my hips with his. He turned me around, looked down then smiled, obviously looking at my cleavage; he then proceeded to grab me by the waist and feel me up. I would have smacked him if there wasn't alcohol in my blood. He looked me in the eyes, he wasn't that bad looking, he had long, blonde hair and a killer smile. He leaned in a kissed my neck, making my head fall back with pleasure. He made his way to my mouth and I welcomed his vodka tasting lips.


I got a away from the stranger after a few more songs and daces and I attempted to find Casey. I was thinking about going outside to look before I heard people yelling and chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!". I would have left it alone but my drunken state left me to follow the chants. I saw her. Casey had grabbed Samantha by the hair and had just slapped her across the face. The two girls stumbled to the ground and one after another they slapped and punched the other. I looked over and saw Harry smiling, obviously enjoying himself getting fought over. Curses were being thrown as I tried to get closer to pull Casey off the girl. Was no one else concerned about them fighting? I guessed not, because everyone else was having a great time watching a cat fight. I finally got to them and tried to pull Casey off of Samantha but she pushed me back and kept on hitting and kicking her. "Harry help!" I screamed as Casey punched Samantha, causing her nose to start bleeding. Harry's smile faded and he rolled his eyes as he came over to push Casey out of the way and held her so she wouldn't get back to Samantha.

Samantha got up and wiped her nose with the back of her hand as she ran to the bathroom in tears. Harry looked angry and pushed Casey back as he slowly went to where his girlfriend fled to. Casey started to cry, she grabbed the closest red cup she could find (which happened to be the guy behind her's drink) and chugged it down. I went to comfort her but she held her hand up and walked away. I hoped she would stop her attitude, because she was my ride home.


The crowd broke apart and I was left there with the guys continuing to do body shots off girls. I was walking to the dining room where people were playing drinking games like beer pong when I pair of hands grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall. Blonde hair tickled my face as lips sucked my neck. "I saw you dancing with him." His voice said into my ear. Niall's voice. "I didn't like that. It made me angry." His voice was slurred and had something else. Lust?

"He shouldn't be touching you, or kissing you." He said as his lips trailed over my cheek and back to my neck. "We may not be together but I should be the only one who does those things to you." He stopped sucking and looked down into my eyes. "Let me take you. I'd take you right here against this wall or on that chair. Hell, anywhere." It was lust. Defiantly lust.

I missed him, his voice, his body. He hasn't spoken to me in weeks I reminded myself. I needed him, I don't want anyone else. "How fast can you be?" The alcohol answers for me. He smiles and rushes me upstairs.




so how do you guys like this? There should be one more part coming out probably on Tuesday/Wednesday. This was meant to be like three straight days but I kinda like it spaced out, it reminds me how I used to write these, hah. Any ways I would love if you guys would comment telling me what you think about this "Bonus Series".  I will have a serious discussion with y'all in the a/n to the next one so be here to read it. I didn't look over this so there is probably some spelling and grammar mistakes. So bye, see y'all on Wednesday!


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