They don't know about us

Savannah,16, has a horrible life at home. When she finally scores some meet and greet tickets to One Direction's next concert. She hopes that one of the boys will magically fall in love with her, but unfortunately for her that's not happening. Savannah will stop at nothing but will she get her dreams of going out with one of the boys?


2. Birthday morning

Savannah's P.O.V:


I wake up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. Another nightmare. Another flashback of the night dad died. It's been years and I don't think I've slept properly since. I lay in my bed staring up at the wall. The wall i've stared at a million times. I realise it's my birthday and i should probably get up. But i don't, it's not like mum will be waiting down there for me with presents or anything. I try to get another few hours of sleep but it's pointless. Sometimes i'm too scared to go back to sleep, worried that i'll have flashbacks again. Flashbacks of the night were everything went wrong. I slowly drag myself up and walk over to the mirror. I look like a zombie. Mascara running down my pale cheeks, long knotted hair tied up in a messy bun, lips cracked and dry. I'll never be good enough for anyone. I walk downstairs and find a note from mum. "Happy Birthday. Down at the pub, be back soon." Typical, can't wait till i turn 18 and can leave. I decide that today I will stay in bed, not talking to anyone and watch the old video diaries. Before i make it halfway up the stairs mum stumbles through the door. " Hey! I got you something Sav. " She hands me an envelope. I open it up and it's a ticket. To a One Direction concert. A meet and greet ticket. I'm speechless. My mind is spinning. I drop the ticket and envelope and run and give mum the biggest hug. She looks surprised but doesn't pull away. Tears roll down my cheeks, but for the first time in years they haven't been tears of sadness of grief. "Thank-you" I quietly whisper in her ear. Stepping back I look at the ticket again. I can't believe it. Meeting them has been my dream since i first heard 'Torn', well besides bringing my dad back. I can't wipe the massive smile from my face. I think tonight i'll be sleeping well.


Niall's P.O.V: 


"You gotta get upp! Get up! It's time to get up!" I open my eyes and see Harry standing on the end of my bed with a cheeky grin. " Paybacks a bitch huh?" He says with that same smile. " We gotta leave in 10 minutes guys, make sure you're ready. Harry, leave Niall alone. Niall, get up. " Liam says while rushing around. Looking at my reflection i realise how little sleep i got last night. It shows, i have massive dark circles under my eyes. Going to be all over the internet, better put some makeup over that." Bloody hell where's Niall. Niall! Come on we're gonna be late!" Yells some grumpy person that's in charge of the interviews and publicitly. Great, waking up early, missing breakfast and having management angry. Fantastic start to the day.


Got back around and hour ago,it took us half and hour to get to the studio and all they talked about was Harry and Taylor. They mentioned how i'm the only single one, had to pretend like i didn't care but i did. Although Loads of fans were waiting outside the studio and a fair few of them were calling my name so that was cool. It's incredible how dedicated they are. Makes me think about how lucky we are. " Hey guys, all our tours have sold out in less than a minute, the meet and greet tickets went in 30 seconds. " Proclaims Louis happily. It's gonna be buzzin. " Hang on how quickly did they sell, i'm going to tweet about it." Asks Liam with a small smile on his face. 


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